Benz Eye View: Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne


1.) Jason Bourne is indeed back, and for good motivational reasons.  The story is interesting enough to see Jason Bourne go through similar events like the last films despite the tiring spy trends.  At least Jason Bourne himself is an interesting character over some of his situations.

2.) Even though I am not a fan of it, the shaky cam and fast-pace editing are done well in this movie (in fact, this film series is the only one that can manage shaky cam and fast-pace editing well).  It may be nauseating to watch, but due to certain production and editing decisions, it is somewhat easier to tell what is actually happening during these moments.



1.) Other than Outcome being mentioned as one of the black ops listed in the CIA, there is no mention of the events of The Bourne Legacy.  For me, it is not that bad, but it feels odd that they did not bother explained what happened to Aaron Cross, Marta Shearing, or the other characters in the last movie.

2.) I am unclear with one of the major characters in the movie: Heather Lee.  Her motivations seem unclear.  The moments that did show some reasons why she is committing to certain actions still seem confusing.  Also, the actress playing her: Alicia Vikander is the weakest of all the actors since she usually shows one emotional trait: unhappy.



Based on a popular book franchise, the Bourne films have been around since 2002.  It changed the way spy films are made, and made shaky cam and fast-pace editing popular (whether you like it or not).  The Bourne Identity introduced a compelling and interesting character, but suffers with a somewhat uninteresting story.  The Bourne Supremacy is much better with story, and new characters that are added into the mix.  The Bourne Ultimatum is on the same level as the last film with a somewhat satisfying conclusion.  The Bourne Legacy was all right with decent characters and story, but nothing to write at home.  With the new Bourne installment after four years of hiatus (nine if you do not include The Bourne Legacy), Jason Bourne is a welcome addition to the series.  However, it seems that the formula in the series is somewhat tiresome.  A super spy versus the corrupt CIA group is getting a little cliched now.  The movie is fine, but they need to come up with something new if they want to keep going with this.  At least Jason Bourne himself is still interesting, so watch it if you are fan of the series and the character.



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