Benz Eye View: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad


1.) For those who are asking, there is actually some funny moments in the movie.  There are some lame jokes (probably because of the re-shoots), but the ones that work are funny.  It makes up for the bleak and overly dark Batman v. Superman.

2.) I really do like the character and environmental designs.  They managed to integrate the looks from the comics into the movie, and they look pretty cool (for the most part).

3.) The best characters in the movie are Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie) and Deadshot (played by Will Smith).  You actually get to know these characters and their backstories, making you sympathize and care for them (if you are into villains).  Not to mention that the actors stand out well over the rest of them…



1.) …Speaking of characters, you barely get to know the rest of them.  Other than Harley Quinn and Deadshot, the only ones you get to know decently are Rick Flag and El Diablo (and technically Amanda Waller, but I feel she is a little out of character compared to the comics).  The rest  have very little point other than stand there, and wait for a threat to come in so they can finally fight.  The movie does not spend time with them, and they do not explain these characters enough other than they fight a certain way…

2.) …Speaking of explanation, they spent most of the first act explaining these characters, and it goes on for way too long.  In fact, there are a couple of instances where they explain certain things despite the fact that it either does not add anything to the story, or we already got the idea.  One moment, they show how Harley has her skin bleached, and it seems like something that should have been a passing mention since it adds nothing other than backstory.  Also, PLOT HOLES!

3.) I noticed so many technical and production issues that I am not going to bother listing all of them here.  From a technical standpoint, the camera and editing have some share of problems (especially in the second and third act).  From a production standpoint, if you are going to watch the movie, pay attention to Harley Quinn.



With the terrible start of Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (for those who are asking, I have seen the Ultimate Cut, and it only gets one extra point for clearing and explaining certain plot points), the DC Extended Universe needs to do something to get it rolling.  Enter Suicide Squad: a “superhero group” that is formed by the government using villains as members to work in missions so dangerous, they are considered suicidal.  That is an interesting group of meta-humans that I would like to see in the big screen…and it is not good, but not terrible either.  It is not exactly something write home about, but it is leagues better than the last two DC movies.  However, it is does not excuse the fact that this movie has problems (especially since Warner Bros. did re-shoots of the movie when Batman v. Superman received plenty of hate from the critics, just showing how unconfident these guys are with their products).  They still have a long way to go, but at least it is a slow start to the right direction.  However, if you want a pretty good Suicide Squad movie, watch Batman: Assault on Arkham.  Let’s see if they get better with Wonder Woman and Justice League, because if those two fail, I am just going to feel really bad for the DC fans.



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