Benz Eye View: Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings


1.) The claymation is not an easy animation technique, but if done well, the movie will look great.  While there are a few cracks here and there (i.e. some of the frames of animation do not match other frames of animation), the claymation looks great and unique; making these so-called clay figures alive.

2.) The first act is a decent way of opening to the world of the movie.  It sets up what these characters do, and why I should care for them well.  Also, the part where Kubo tells a story through moving origami is visually pleasing.  It is a nice start for a movie…



1.) …However, the movie falls apart by the second act and after.  It slows down by a crawl due to uninteresting events and sequences.  The action scenes are not fun with its lackluster coordination, the funny scenes with poor punch lines, and the slightly predictable moments makes it boring.

2.) The two major characters, Monkey and Beetle (those ARE their names until later into the movie) are not interesting.  One big reason is the voice acting is not really strong, making it dry most of the time.  Even when they deliver jokes, they seem to be doing a shallow job.  Lastly, there are actually twists with these characters that come in one at a time.  You may not see the first one coming, but after that, you are going to see the second one coming from a mile away.

3.) The climax is lame.  I am not going to specifically spoil what happens, but after all the time going through a journey to stop the main villain, do you know how they beat him?  By some deus ex machina magical girl-type way possible: the power of love……Lame.



This movie is disappointing.  It started off well with a good first act, but falls apart after that.  It does not make it a horrible movie, but it leaves enough to be desired.  This movie is good enough for the first act, but it is not enough to make me want to watch the rest of it.  The movie deserves a rental; not really worth your time, but there are some good moments here or there.



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