Benz Eye View: Snowden



1.) Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a great actor to play Edward Snowden.  He does so well, it almost feels like he is playing the actual person.  If you have seen videos of Edward Snowden, you may notice that Joseph Gordon-Levitt acts almost exactly like him.  I was not seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Edward Snowden, I am seeing Edward Snowden on-screen (and accurately, I hope).

2.) The one thing that the film does interestingly is how Snowden’s discovery towards the NSA affects his professional and personal lives.  Regardless whether or not you think what he did was right, you get to see why he did it, and how it affected him.  Not only it affected his views on his government, but it also affected his relationship with his girlfriend, Lindsay to the point where they may or may not break up.

3.) There are some interesting symbolism through imagery and cinematography implemented in the film.  It is kind of hard for me to explain it, but the use of symbolism through imagery matches the overall tone and character of the situation.  The cinematography seems to match the camera work from the interviews, acts how Snowden is feeling in certain situations, and makes simple actions seem like a big deal due to the NSA activity…



1.) …Although, there are times when the cinematography looks dirty.  Meaning, the lens look a little dirty, so the images does not always look clean.  It makes sense in certain scenes, but when it does happen, it feels out of place.

2.) There are plenty of technobabble and political talk in this film, so if you do not understand what they are talking about, or if you are not paying attention, you may get lost on what they are talking about.

3.) It took me a while to think about this, but I realize that the pacing takes its time for a bit too long.  While Snowden is an interesting person, the event we are all waiting for comes near the end of the film.  Everything in between seems a little bit unnecessary.  It dragged the film a bit, and may bore some people.



Edward Snowden.  That is a name that will go down in infamy for the entire world, especially America.  Some say he is a hero, others say he is a traitor.  For the purpose of this review, I will not discuss the ethics and moralities on what Snowden did back in 2013.  I will leave it up to you to decide on that.  I am going to review the film, and I will not let my personal beliefs get in the way of it (mostly…).  With that said, this is a good film.  It is not one of those entertaining films.  It is more of a thinking man’s film.  It leaves you wondering, did he do the right thing?  For certain people, it ultimately leads to how much they like the film depends on what they think of Snowden himself.  In a film perspective, I recommend it, but do not expect to be entertained, but thinking instead.



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