Benz Eye View: The Magnificent Seven (2016)

The Magnificent Seven (2016)


1.) The one thing you will quickly notice in the movie is the beautiful cinematography.  There are plenty of wide shots that show (or show off) the environment.  They even did well on highlighting certain areas that are important to the situation or plot at hand.

2.) The action is just awesome.  It is the great old western action you have seen a bunch of times before, but it is still done well.  The tense Mexican standoff, the fast hand, the gun being fired off from the hand; you have every great western action moments happen in this movie, and a bit more.

3.) The main cast work well together.  Some get more spotlight than others, but they all look like they belong in this world, and some characters have more chemistry than other characters.  As a result, it can lead to some pretty funny jokes…



1.) …That being said, you are not going to remember the actors’ characters.  There are probably one or two people you may slightly remember due to their internal conflict, but they are just easily forgettable, and you may only recognize with them with either one of two things: the actors who are playing them or their race.  You will still like them, but not as much as you hoped.  One good example of a forgettable character is the villain: a cliched black hat cowboy who wants land and power.  Nothing that stands out from these people.

2.) While this is a fun movie, it is a cliched movie.  If you are a fan of western films, there are going to be little to no surprises here.  I can go on and say the cliches right now, but I might as well save it for those who do not want to be spoiled.  I can say this: on the first scene, I predicted what was going to happen in the movie, and I was mostly right.



The Magnificent Seven is a remake based on the 1960 film of the same name.  Other than hearing its main theme, I have not seen the original film, so I will grade on its own.  For one thing, I feel like I should watch the original, because I get the feeling that it is better than the new one, and probably cleverer.  With that said, I find the remake pretty enjoyable.  It is a fun western movie with great action and actors to boot.  It probably may not be the best western ever made, but it might as well be the best western of the year (as far as I know).  Go have some cowboy fun at HIGH NOON for this movie.



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