Benz Eye View: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


1.) Have you guys noticed the lighting in Tim Burton’s movies?  They are done well to set the mood and areas (I will get to that in a moment).  It is no different here.  While there are some bright areas in the movie, the moments that are dark with some to little lighting makes the area seem out of this world, and a bit scary.

2.) When it comes to mood, the movie has a balanced tone.  When it needs to be peaceful and wonderful (if strange), it shows off many of the peculiar children’s powers, and how they use it everyday life.  However, I find it more interesting when they go to a darker tone.  How?  I will just say it is scary enough for children, but a bit entertaining for adults (this is Tim Burton we are talking about here).



1.) It feels like the movie suffers from being slow and fast at times.  The most apparent is the first act.   It feels slow, because most of it is in flashbacks that are set after a certain character dies, and he appears in the flashbacks (why couldn’t they just set that before the character dies?).  It makes you want to make the movie go faster, because it is just boring.  However, it also feels fast, because it feels like certain areas are not really explained enough, or they realize that the stuff in the beginning is boring, so they not-so-subtly rush to the second act.

2.) I do not feel like I know the world of the movie that well.  They do explain some basic stuff, but it feels insufficient.  Compare it to X-Men and Harry Potter, you understand them much better than the Peculiar People and its world.

3.) I do not know these characters that well.  I do not mean the main and major characters (i.e. Miss Peregrine, Jake Portman, Emma Bloom, and Mr. Barron), I mean the other Peculiar Children.  Other than their peculiarities, I would not even begin to explain who these characters are other than their one-note personalities.  Kind of reinforces my previous con.



Based on the 2011 book of the same name, this movie seems to be baiting towards the X-Men and Harry Potter fans, because that is what I am getting here.  Think about it: Miss Peregrine is Professor Xavier and Dumbledore, Jake Portman is Wolverine and Harry Potter, Emma Bloom is Jean Grey and Hermione Granger (or Ginny Weasley depending how you look at it), Mr. Barron is Magneto and Voldemort, and the monstrous hollowgasts are a combination of Slender Man and the Necromorphs (OK, actually mutants and Dementors, but still…).

…Think about it.  The hollowgasts look like a combination of the Slender Man and the Necromorphs.
Here is the Slender Man…
…And here is a Necromorph (Dead Space).  See what I mean?









It makes me feel like I should watch those movies instead of this one, because I can only describe it as OK.  Not really much stands out from this movie.  Maybe the fans of the book will appreciate it more, but by movie standards, there is not much to see here.  Watch it if you have nothing better to do.



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