Benz Eye View: Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon


1.) The filmmakers did a fantastic job showing the horror and destruction of Deepwater Horizon.  Murphy’s Law applies here, because there is so much carnage, you sometimes wonder how some of these people survived that event.  With many editing cuts, production destruction, and realistic danger, this might as well be a ride in Universal Studios Theme Park.

2.) Even though this is pretty brief, I find the aftermath to be very powerful.  There is little to no dialogue, and they show many people’s reaction on what happened after the oil incident.

3.) There is a joke by a child character that I did not see coming…It is a pretty gutsy move.



1.) The first half of the movie is completely boring.  It took too long to establish many things, and foreshadowed events that is not really subtle.  Some of the scenes need to be cut to save the audience the boredom of writing cliches, and just get to the oil spill.

2.) Another thing they need to cut is the exposition.  They explained so much on how the oil industry works that I got tired of it.  If it goes to the point where a person no longer cares how it works, you failed at writing expositions.  Be as brief as possible without taking too long.

3.) While the actors are fine with their roles, and their characters are not really bad, they are not interesting.  You got a family man who wants to come back home to his wife and child, the fearless leader, the smart girl, the dumb boss who wants to have money, I can go on.  I did start caring when the oil spill occurred, so at least they are decently written.



The oil spill of Deepwater Horizon ten years ago was the worst oil spill in history.  With a movie about those events, I wondered how they are going to turn it out.  For the most part, it does what it need to do, but does need some improvements.  They certainly got the danger done very well, but the writing and characters need some refinements despite the fact that this is based on a true event.  Unless if you are patient, you have no choice, but to slog through the boring first half.  I say rent the movie, and skip the first half, because that is where the fun really begins.


One last thing: the movie did not bring any shame to the people who died in that event, and it is a good tribute to send them off along with the survivors.  May those who died rest in peace, and those who lived move on with their lives.


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