Benz Eye View: The Accountant

The Accountant


1.) Ben Affleck’s characters, Christian Wolff is a strange yet interesting character.  He is an autistic man who was trained not to let his disorder be his disadvantage.  Despite his weakness, he overcame it by being a better person than he is (kind of like Daredevil).  Wolff may not be a sociable person, but he makes it up with accounting and fighting.

2.) I would describe the action as the more grounded-in-reality of version of John Wick.  It may not be as awesome as the movie I mentioned, but it is a bit more brutal.  Whereas John Wick takes out his enemies quickly (as far as I remember since it has been a while since I watched that movie), Christian Wolff makes sure that his enemies are actually dead.

3.) I admit: I am tired of typing this, but the acting is really good, especially with Ben Affleck playing an autistic, intelligent, action man.  Comment me if you can think of something more diverse for me to say in my reviews, because even I am a bit tired of it.



1.) The moments that involve accounting confuse me.  Unless if you have some understanding of it, those moments will confuse you as much as it did for me.  At least it shows how smart Wolff is in his field.

2.) There is a sub-plot with two characters investigating Christian Wolff.  While it gives an interesting look at his backstory, this side story is not as interesting as the main plot.  The performances are well done, but it distracts what is happening with Wolff, a much better character.  The filmmakers should probably add the backstory as flashbacks…

3.) …Speaking of flashbacks, they are distracting as well.  It does serve to give backstory to Wolff just like the sub-plot, but flashbacks must be used sparingly in order to proceed the story.  If overused, the filmmakers might as well make a prequel to this movie.  This is not like Christopher Nolan’s films where he uses flashbacks well, but the filmmakers really want to try, and they are less than successful.



How should I describe this movie?  As I stated earlier, it seems to be a bit more grounded-reality version of John Wick.  I recall that I like that movie for its fun action sequences, and this movie may not have the same level of great action sequences, it certainly gives us an interesting character.  Come to think of it, I like to see Christian Wolff and John Wick cross over, but I digress.  The Accountant is a fun movie that may be slow at times, but it gives an interesting lead character with great action and decent story.



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