Benz Eye View: Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla


1.) One thing that the original Godzilla film succeeded in was showing how humanity reacted with the existence of Godzilla, and this film is no exception.  The one big way they show it is the political side of Japan: their initial reactions of what initially appeared to be an ancient whale creature to how they deal with Godzilla are genuine.

2.) There are some pretty intense shots, and it fits well into the main situation in the film: a big freaking monster is destroying Japan.  Good shot examples are low angle shots of Godzilla represents the civilians’ point of view of how huge that monster is, and many over-the-shoulder shots that make us pay close attention on who exactly we are supposed to see.

3.) There is a reason why Godzilla is known as the King of the Monsters.  The film makes it clear that Godzilla causes so much damage, and cannot be stopped.  He is a walking atomic bomb that leaves nuclear damage as well as physical damage.  To Japan (actually the world, but Japan has it worse), he is a force of nature that is incredibly difficult to be destroyed.



1.) I feel sorry for the editing team, because there are SO MANY cuts.  The film cuts so much that it kind of feels disorienting.  I also sympathize with the camera people, because there are so many camera shots that they have to put in for the director.  I can say that they worked hard on that, and I congratulate them for it.  On the other hand, the editing team needs to slow down on the cuts.

2.) There is so much to follow, and it ends up being annoying, because they introduce characters, places, and things via subtitles.  When those introductions come in along with the characters’ lines’ subtitles, you get the feeling of so much information shoved right into your face.  As a result, you may not remember any of the characters’ names other than Godzilla.  The film needs to learn to trust their audience on these things.

3.) I cannot really explain it, but compared to American CG, Japanese CG seems a little off.  I think it is best if you watch to get an idea what I am talking about.  Maybe I am wrong in this area, and Japanese CG is just different than American CG.  If I am, then disregard this con.



Godzilla.  King of the Monsters.  One of the most popular cultural icons in Japan.  It has been 12 years since the last Godzilla movie in Japan.  There was an American Godzilla movie in 2014, but that does not count.  Now, the 31st Godzilla film releases in limited American theaters, and it is great to see the monster again.  The film captured the spirit of the original 1954 film well, which is how Godzilla is symbolic to the atom bomb, and show how the Japanese and the world react to it as its main purpose.  If you expect Godzilla to fight another monster in this film, you are not going to get it.  If you like to how the world reacts to such a monster, go watch this film, especially if you are a hardcore Godzilla fan.



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