Benz Eye View: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


1.) Like the last movie, the action scenes are impressive.  They are shot very well, and I respect the fact that Tom Cruise actually does his own stunts unlike most actors who use stunt doubles.  These scenes range from fun to painful thanks to the sound team.

2.) The small amount of comedy in the movie is pretty funny.  It gives some light-heart and human moments to these characters in serious situations.

3.) The relationship between Jack Reacher and Samantha Dayton is pretty decent.  It starts out rocky at first, but it grows over time, and ends in a pretty heart-warming moment.  It also gives an emotional conflict with Jack Reacher whereas the last movie did not…



1.) …On the other hand, the relationship between Jack Reacher and Susan Turner is dull and annoying.  The romantic subplot between the two barely has any chemistry, and the one fight conversation is pretty dumb.  Honestly, it would have been a little better if the two just remained friends instead of them being possible lovers…

2.) …Although, all the characters (except Jack Reacher) need improvement as well, because none of them are compelling.  They are just the typical stereotypes like the female soldier, the rebellious teenager, the corrupt one, etc.  You are not going to remember these people at all in a few hours.  Yeah, already forgot.

3.) The story is not interesting, either.  It has a decent start, but it gets worse as it progresses.  Here is log line for the movie: a retired military veteran gets hooked into a corrupt military scheme after he learns a friend is framed for it.  Sounds familiar?



Jack Reacher is based on the novel series of the same name.  The first movie in 2012 was decent, but I find it a little hard to believe there was going to be a sequel.  Well, they did make one, and it is not really that good.  While the titular character is kind of cool, his situations and other characters are not as well-rounded or fascinating.  If the conflict is not as interesting as the character, it is not going to make us care what happens, because we know he is going to win.  The one of few things that works is the emotional conflict between Reacher and Samantha, but that can only go so far.  I say skip this movie since if you have seen the last one, you might get the idea that Jack Reacher is going to win this one (especially since he is played by Tom Cruise).



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