Benz Eye View: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange


1.) This is the one thing that should pop into anyone’s mind when they think of this movie: the visuals.  I describe it (or everyone will describe it) as Inception, but on drugs.  The movie did a fantastic job following Steve Ditko’s art from the comics, and implementing them on-screen (even though you will have a taste on what a person on drugs feels like).

2.) This may not be much, but I do like the change of action sequences.  Remember, the Marvel Cinematic Universe gives us interesting battle sequences, but this movie gives us something different.  There is some kung-fu fighting, but there is also some magical fights.  These battles are so great that it gives Harry Potter a run for its money.

3.) We have seen many sides of the MCU, but it is refreshing to see the mystical side.  It feels like we are in another world as opposed to the last MCU film about government policies.  They explain so much how the mystic arts work, it is pretty refreshing…



1.) …However, this leads to a big problem: they explain so much yet so little at the same time.  Meaning, the movie talks about how their world works, and ends up raising some questions.  This probably will not bother everyone, but another problem that comes in is the payoff.  The movie sets up many things in the beginning, and their payoffs in the end are not really that satisfying (other than a few comedic jokes).

2.) Why do the villains suck in the MCU?  Not in terms of their threats (with a few exceptions), but in terms of writing.  Other than Loki (which he is better as a character than a villain), HYDRA, Ultron (to the lowest extent), and the Marvel Netflix Villains (i.e. Wilson Fisk, Kilgrave, and Cottonmouth), none of the villains are interesting, and Kaecilius is no exception.  What does he want?  To make the world free from pain and mortality.  Why?  Because he lost some people he loved.  Typical.

3.) There is one item used throughout half of the movie called the Eye of Agamotto.  Considering how that thing works, it should solve every problem in the MCU.  (SPOILERS) Many characters say that they should not use it in order not to break natural law, but  they use it anyway to stop the threat (END SPOILERS).  As a result, the ending is anti-climactic thanks to that object (although, I wonder what they will go with it considering what would happen if Thanos gets his hands on it).



Following Captain America: Civil War, we have the next movie in the MCU: Doctor Strange.  I was not really too thrilled when I heard that was going to be the next movie, but I thought I should give it a try to see how they do it.  How should I describe the movie?  I say that it is the Green Lantern movie, but slightly better.  There are things that can hold it up, but there are plenty of things that also hold it down.  Other than the visuals, the only thing that got me really pumped was the new Marvel Studios intro.

That kicks butt, but that is not really a good sign if that is only thing that is exciting.  Overall, the movie is a bit dull due to its by-the-books tropes with a few exciting moments.  Benedict Cumberbatch is great as Doctor Strange, but the movie itself is far from perfect.  Sorry Doctor Strange, but Captain America: Civil War is still my favorite Marvel Phase 3 film.


I did watch it in IMAX 3D, and it is only worth it on the trippy visual scenes.


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