Benz Eye View: Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge


1.) This film is pretty much the younger brother of Saving Private Ryan, because the war scenes are brutal.  They do not hold back at all: they show blood, guts, gore, intestines, bones, etc.  Thanks to the excellent cinematography, the film shows these battles in excellent detail, and does not hold back how brutal these battles are.

2.) It is amazing how Desmond Doss is truly convicted with his beliefs of saving people rather than killing, and his actions support this.  You cannot help but admire his determination to follow what he believes in despite how many people are against it.  That is what makes an interesting and compelling character.

3.) Even many of the characters are well-written enough to make you understand where they are coming from.  One good example is Tom Doss, Desmond’s father.  He is drunk man who keeps blaming on others, but it is due to his PTSD on World War I.  Other characters include the soldiers alongside Desmond who initially do not like him, because his conscientious objection could get them killed in battle…



1.) …There is a bit too many characters to count in terms of the soldiers going to war alongside Desmond Doss.  The film at least gives them some characteristics that make them stand out, but you may not exactly remember some of them, because the main focus is on Desmond Doss.

2.) The romance between Desmond and Dorothy is a bit rushed.  Not to say these two do not have good chemistry, but it feels like they are rushing their love for each other, so they can finally go to the part when Desmond decides to fight (or rather save) in World War II.



It has been a long time since Mel Gibson has gone back to directing ever since his breakdown.  For his return to filming, he decides to direct a film about a real WWII soldier named Desmond Doss.  How does he do with this film?  It is a big comeback, because this is one of the best films I have ever seen.  Great acting, great writing, and great directing makes this film perfect.  There are few holes, but it does not stop how great it is.  It is good to see that Mel Gibson has not lost his touch, and it is nice for him to return to film making.  It is also a great tribute to a WWII hero (which the film is pretty close to the true events), and all soldiers who fight for the USA.  Watch it, and be amazed with Mel Gibson’s directing, and Desmond Doss’s bravery.



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