Benz Eye View: Loving

Hello, everyone!  Sorry it has been a while since I put in a review.  I had to be with my family in Thanksgiving, and I just recently came back from Playstation Experience 2016 (which is really great, and I have got to do video game reviews more often).  Now, I am back to do film reviews.  There is so many new films that are released that I am interested to watch and review, but I may not have time with them all (unless some of those are nominated for Best Picture, then I will watch and review them somehow).  With that said, here is my new review:



1.) The main couple and the actors playing them work well together.  You can tell that they love each other deeply despite the difference of race.  Despite their flaws (one that I will get to in a moment), they want to take care of each other and their children.  The actors have great chemistry, and play their roles well enough to show that they know and loved each other for a long time.

2.) The film does a great job showing the problems of biracial marriage during the 1960s.  The ones who are against it make excuses on why it is bad (i.e. that is not God’s will, or white and black people do not mix together).  The tension on who Richard Loving should trust is decent.  Biracial is looked down upon at that time, and this film shows how bad biracial couples go through.

3.) I find the music to be pretty effective in the film.  Although it is by-the-basics music, it does well to express how the characters are feeling in that moment.  It helps make the situations calm if uneasy at the same time…



1.) …I argue that the music makes the film too calm, because it unintentionally makes it slow and sleepy for some people.  I will admit this: I slept through some parts of the film, because the music makes a good lullaby.  I should note it is probably because I just got back from the Playstation Experience, and I had little rest.

2.) While I do like the biracial couple, they need to lighten up a bit.  They are not really depressing, but I seen them being sadder than happy.  This is more my preference instead a huge fault, so I think you might handle it much more than I can.

3.) Child actors…Go figure.



Loving is based on the Loving v. Virginia case back in 1967.  I am going to say right now that this review is not exactly my best, because I have slept through some of it, and the person who came with me had to point out on some things to me what happened in the film.  The only time that this happened to me before was in the movie The Counselor, and that movie was boring.  Loving is not, but I blame more on myself than the film for me sleeping.  Overall, from what I watched, I liked it.  Not many comments other than the events of what happened in the film is the reason America has biracial marriages now.  Go see it with your significant other that is of a different race than yours.


I apologize if this is not the best full-fledged review ever.  I will make it up to you guys in the next one.


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