Benz Eye View: La La Land

La La Land


1.) The cinematography is superb.  There are plenty of long and wide shots, giving plenty of opportunities for the actors show their acting abilities and for the audience to see more of the scene.  It is especially effective on the musical scenes, where the dance choreography are performed so well that it must have taken them a long time to perfect it.

2.) This film screams the musicals from the 50s like The Sound of Music, West Side Story, and The King and I.  Many of their songs are very entertaining, and it fits to the same 50s musical style.  Also, before you ask, it is true that there are musical films in recent days, but they fit into the modern era of songs.  This recent film that takes place in modern times feels like it belongs in the 50s.  It feels odd yet welcoming at the same time.

3.) The two main leads have great chemistry, but the interesting thing about them is their conflict.  Each of them have their own conflicts: Mia wants to be an actress, and Sebastian wants to own a jazz bar.  Eventually these two fall in love, and want to be together.  However, their own wants conflict their want to be together.  It may be a simple, but combine that with excellent performances by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, it becomes an interesting romantic film that happens to be a musical.



1.) Other than a few preferences (i.e. a few songs did not work for me), there is nothing I can think of that is wrong with this film.



It is not every day that a film comes out, and pays tribute to the films of old.  In this case, La La Land is a fantastic tribute to the 1950s musical films.  Not only that, it is an amazing film to watch.  The story is simplistic yet compelling, the songs are entertaining, and the filmmaking is masterful.  This film is directed and written by Damien Chazelle, the same man who directed Whiplash: another masterful film.  I expect see more great films from this man, because he is talented.  Another recommendation from me as a potential film of the year.  Now if you excuse me, I feel like watching some musical films.



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