Benz Eye View: Fences



1.) The acting is done well enough to make these characters have natural chemistry.  The actors do so well that you can buy that they are friends and family.  All these actors have great chemistry, and they play well with each other.

2.) Troy’s conflict of taking care of his family affects them.  It is gripping (to some extent) to see how harsh Troy can be to keep his family together despite how much they may not like him at the time.  He may have the best intentions, but his methods are a bit brutal.



1.) This is a talking movie, so you will see little action happening.  Many things that the characters are discussing (particularly their past events) are not shown on-screen.  If you like the “show, don’t tell” rule of filmmaking, then you are likely going to hate this film.

2.) This is a well-shot film, but there are few continuity issues.  There are moments where the sun shines bright in one shot, but it is slightly dark in the next.  It may not bother many people, but for those who have a good eye on detail, this may trouble them.



Based on the 1983 play of the same name, Fences is the third film starring and directed by Denzel Washington.  I really like the guy, so I thought I should check out this film.  After watching it, I say that this film is not for everyone, especially for people who do not like films that involve much dialogue and little action.  Probably meant for the hardcore film people, but I am certain that average audiences can go through with it as well if they are patient enough.  It does have a compelling conflict about what to keep in or out emotionally, and how it may have consequences.  If that interests you (despite the amount of talking and lack of action), then I encourage you to watch this film.


Have a Happy New Year, everybody!


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