Benz Eye View: Patriots Day

Patriots Day


1.) There is a great build-up to the inciting incident, or the Boston Marathon Bombing in this case.  You get to know the people involved in the Boston Marathon (even the bombers themselves), and it all leads to the Marathon itself.  If you know what happened in those moments, you know what to expect yet the film does a great job making the moment tense and nerve-wrecking.

2.) The investigation of the bombing is logical and human.  The F.B.I. wants to catch the bombers, but they do not want to screw it up considering that one wrong report can make them, and the falsely-accused look back.  The police (particularly Mark Wahlberg’s character) have an emotional connection to Boston, are horrified on what just happened, and they want to catch the bombers.  They work together to stop the two responsible, and shows great unity in times of crisis.

3.) Despite very little of it, the action is realistic and tense.  For one thing, the cinematography makes it look like a news camera crew is witnessing the action.  Mainly, it is loud, destructive, and brutal; just the way I like how this action to be filmed.



1.) This is pretty minor, but they introduce many people via text.  Pretty lazy, but it is the one way to introduce the real people involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing, because there are few characters that are completely fictional in the film.  Hint: Mark Wahlberg’s character.

2.) There are some characters who were shown in the first act, and have little appearance.  A couple of them have good reason to have little appearance, but others do not since the film shows them in the first act, and disappears until near the end of the third act…

3.) …The only reason I see for the small character roles is a little speech near the end of how love will triumph over evil, and they use them as examples.  It is a nice speech, but does not really fit since the entire film is about a manhunt towards the two terrorists.  I can see the speech hitting hard if this film spends time with the victims of the bombing, but it spends more time with the investigation with the F.B.I., the police, and the bombers.



On April 15, 2013, there were two bombs that exploded during the Boston Marathon; killing three people.  It is one of the biggest terrorist attacks in the USA.  When I heard of a film about the event, I was intrigued to see their perspective, especially since this is directed by Peter Berg (who also directed Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon).  He captured the horrors of the bombing, the fear of the bombers in the city, the desperation of the bombers’ escape, and the determination of the police and the F.B.I. trying to capture them.  The bravery of these men stopping these terrorists will not be forgotten, especially with this well-made film.  If you want to see these courageous men and women go against one of the biggest terrorist attacks of our time, Peter Berg introduces you to Patriots Day.


May the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing rest in peace.  

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