Benz Eye View: The Founder

The Founder


1.) I found the characters to be quite charming largely thanks to the strong acting.  They are believable, lively, and energizing (especially Ray Kroc).

2.) This small moment is so good that I might as well mention it.  In the first act, the McDonald Brothers talk about how they created McDonald’s.  It is so well-explained and edited that it should be its own film.  However, considering what happens in this film, it probably be somewhat pointless…and depressing.

3.) I see this film as a good cautionary true story.  It shows that being persistent is good and it can lead to good things, but it can also lead to greed and desperation if not checked.  It can effect how you treat people around you, and the damages will hurt them more than it hurts you.



1.) Considering that this is based on a true story, I feel like they were obligated to put in some characters and moments in the film despite them being unnecessary.  One good example is Ray Kroc’s wife: she barely does anything in the film other than support him, and disappears by the end of the second act.

2.) There are a few editing errors that pass by pretty quickly, but I have a keen eye on this.  A pretty good example is early in the film when one shot is just a normal wide shot, cuts to an over-the-shoulder shot, and then cuts back to the wide shot that is obviously a mirror shot.

3.) Halfway into the film, you are likely going to hate the main character, Ray Kroc.  Not going to spoil what he does, but let’s say that if you want him as a business partner, you may want to go with someone else you trust instead despite having great charisma.



When it comes to films based on true stories, I keep a close eye on those films for two reasons: if it is well-made and if it is accurate to the actual events.  If one works yet the other does not, it will affect on what I think of the film.  While there are times where cannot really tell if the events are true or not (like this film), I am willing to make exceptions if it is well-constructed.  Long story short, I like it.  I appreciate that the film says it is fine to be persistent on what you want, but warns that the same persistence can also lead to greed; ultimately hurting others in the process, and changing you into something that you may never realize.  It is worth watching with the characters, and learning the history of McDonald’s.



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