Benz Eye View: The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie


1.) You have probably seen YouTube videos of people creating stop-motion animation with Legos.  This movie does not have stop-motion animation, but does a create job recreating the look.  A good example replicating this animation is in Wreck-It Ralph, where the townspeople in the Wreck-It Ralph arcade move like the 8-bit video game characters.  The Lego characters move similarly, and the movie creates a unique animation just like its predecessor.

2.) There are plenty of references and jokes about Batman in many of his media portrayals.  I enjoy so many jokes of how Batman changed throughout the 77 years he has been around, and making fun of the things that is wrong with Batman.  They even made references to Batman media; some of them I did not really expect to be shown in this movie (and even some other references not belonging to Batman that I will not spoil).  I appreciate that as a Batman fan.

3.) Everyone knows that Batman is always serious and broody.  This movie’s interpretation of Batman shows him to be arrogant and conceited, and it is pretty funny.  It reminds of HISHE’s Batman except he is now a movie character made of Legos.

In many ways, I am surprised this did not happen in the movie.  

As a result, we get to see the movie making fun of Batman by making him an egotistical jerk…



1.) …However, making Batman an egotist has its flaws.  The biggest one being that his arrogance gets really annoying over time.  I get that his biggest problem is that he will not admit his problems to his friends and families, but how he deals with it gets irritating.  It makes me want to be with the broody Batman again in his films (even Batman v. Superman).  A bit of advice: tone it down a bit.

2.) I found the movie to be a bit too fast-paced.  Action scenes go by pretty quickly, and I can barely tell what is happening unless it was on slow-motion.  Even some of the character interactions go by pretty quickly.  The movie is so fast-paced that I appreciated the slow moments that come by once in a while.

3.) I did say that the jokes are funny, but not all of them.  Some of them just go on a bit too long for my taste, and they deliver poor punch lines.  The worst joker (that is not who I am talking about) is Dick Grayson.  They made him into such an annoying optimistic child, I wondered when Batman was going to punch him in the face.  I understand why they have to change his character from his original counterpart, but they could have made him a better character instead of this Boy Blunder.



Batman has been a huge superhero/cultural icon for such a long time that it was not long for a movie to be made just to make fun of him.

I said make fun of him, not humiliate him.  

Enter The Lego Batman Movie, a spin-off to The Lego Movie.  Kind of interesting to make it a Lego movie considering that Lego is growing due to its approaches into other media (i.e. video games and movies).  Does this spin-off make Batman look good when he plays with Legos?  I can say the movie is constructed well for many people to enjoy.  I will not say it is Spaceballs-level of enjoyment and laughs, but it is made up with what they have: Batman, his ego, and his history throughout the years he has been around in our culture.  I still prefer The Lego Movie over this movie, but I do recommend it for the hardcore Batman fans (and Warner Bros. movie fans).  Any casual fans will have some fun as well, but may not get some of the references in the movie.  Grab your toy batarangs, and buy some Lego Batman toys.  Why?




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