Benz Eye View: Collide



1.) The two veteran actors, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley are the only ones who are giving their best in this movie (even though it is not much).  Their characters are terribly clichéd, but at least they give their best shot in their acting careers.

2.) There is one action moment where a car attempts to escape a warehouse, and it is done in one shot.  It is not a bad moment, but it is probably the best moment compared to the rest of the movie.



1.) The two main leads (played by Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones) have very poor chemistry.  Not only are they not compelling, but their romance is weak.  I also get the feeling that the actors know this as well, and they try their best to cover up their indifference, but to no avail.

2.) Obvious CG is obvious.  It looks good enough to belong in a PS4 video game, but it looks distracting when it is in a live-action movie.  In other words, the post-production team needs more time to make the CG look like it belongs in the movie.

3.) There are editing problems right in the butt that it makes the action scenes look inadequate (which is thanks to the cinematography), and sudden random moments that can take people off the movie.  One example is in the climax of a car chase, the bad guys manage to take out Hoult’s car, but due to rapid-fast editing, they somehow crashed into a truck.  I have no idea what just happened, because it happened so fast.  If no one knows what is happening, they might as well watch something else.



Here is a little writing tip: when you introduce the main characters, make us learn to care for them.  That way, we empathize them when something terrible happens to them, and we want to see how they manage to go through their conflict.  A few minutes into this movie, they utterly failed at that.  Nothing about these characters are compelling, the plot is by-the-books nonsense, and the action is so out of control that it just makes me want to watch John Wick: Chapter 2 again.  Ultimately, this movie is forgettable and not worth anyone’s time.  If even the trailer does not seem to be trying to sell anyone to watch its movie, they know they failed.



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