Benz Eye View: Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island


1.) This movie certainly feels like a Kong movie.  If you think about it, there are elements in the movie that are similar to other Kong movies.  You have a group of people going to a mysterious island, a woman who has an emotional connection to Kong, monsters that are threats to other people besides Kong, and a man who is desperate to take out Kong by any means necessary.  It certainly fits in the mold of any Kong movie (or monster movies in that matter).

2.) While Kong is the main monster of the movie, there are other monsters as well, and they have pretty interesting designs.  In fact, I find the environmental and monster designs to be quite interesting and engrossing.  It certainly captures what a terrifying monster can be (especially in shots where they contrast the sizes between Kong and the humans), and how wild the environment is in a mysterious island.

3.) The final fight with Kong is pretty fun.  It reminds me of Godzilla (2014) with its final battle (even though it spent more time with the humans than the monsters).  It feels like a large-scale battle with the humans caught up in the middle.  In fact, Kong looks terrifying enough to scare any people in this movie.



1.) I can automatically tell which of the characters are going to be red-shirts by the time they enter the island.  Even if my predictions were not true, they are uninteresting, because the movie spends little time with them.  The only characters who are holding this movie together are the characters played by Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly, because the actors play their characters well…

2.) …Even if the actors do play their characters well, some of those characters seem to fall apart as the movie progresses.  One particular is Preston Packard (played by Samuel L. Jackson) who has an understandable background, but I lost sympathy with him by the end of the movie when he does something dumb that endangers his comrades.  Characters need to be interesting enough to make the audience care, but hopefully they do not do something stupid that makes the audience stop caring for them.

3.) There are moments and characters that seem to be important in the movie, but they end up not really using them that much.  Honestly, some of these characters are not really needed in the movie, especially the ones that are important in the beginning end up doing nothing in the end.  There is one unintentionally funny moment where one soldier is going to sacrifice himself to stop a monster, but let’s just say that the monster is not stupid.  Use these characters and moments that have been built up.  Otherwise, what is the point having them in the first place other than they are dead meat?



King Kong.  A classic monster in the film industry that was created back in 1933.  Ever since his creation, many film creators made sequels, rip-offs, or their own versions of King Kong.  Some of them are terrible, while others are not bad (i.e. King Kong (2005) by Peter Jackson).  Twelve years after King Kong (2005), we get a reboot of King Kong called Kong: Skull Island.  I found this reboot to be OK, but since this is a popcorn movie with monsters, that is fine within monster movies standards.  I do wish that the movie can be better than what we have, because I keep thinking about the Peter Jackson film twelve years ago, and the 1933 film.  I believe the filmmakers realize that their movie is not going to be as deep or well-developed as the other ones.  If you are going to watch it, at least watch it for a certain thing that happens after the credits, or when Kong is on the screen.  Otherwise, wait until the Blu-Ray comes out, and watch it with another certain movie that you will know what I mean when you see the after credits scene.




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