Benz Eye View: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Beauty and the Beast (2017)


1.) While the live-action remake is pretty faithful to the original 1991 film, there are some new story details that they added.  My favorite new detail is the backstories with Belle and the Beast.  While the backstories themselves are fine, it helps make the romance between Belle and the Beast a little bit more believable and relatable than the animated one.

2.) The set and costume designs are gorgeous.  All of it makes it believable that we are in mid-1700s France…and that is all I have to say about that considering I have do not have that much expertise in costume and set designs during that time.

3.) The characters are still as good and faithful as their original counterparts (with a few exceptions *cough*LeFou*cough*).  While certain moments make them look a little dumber than usual (besides, even the original had those moments, but for good reasons), they are still likable enough to make you care for them, and hope they live on happily ever after.



1.) There is some pacing issues in the first half of the movie rushing up until the “Be Our Guest” segment, resulting in some moments seem a little dumb or not as good as the original.  It seems odd considering that this movie is at least thirty minutes longer than the original.  Since there are some additions to this version, they did manage to fix the couple of plot holes in the original, but they also added a few more plot holes that is more noticeable than the previous version.

2.) The original songs are in the movie, and they are just as great here (there are even some new ones, but they are kind of forgettable).  All of the people singing do a decent job, but the one person that stands out is Emma Watson as Belle, and not in a good way.  Emma Watson is using Auto-tune, making it clear that she cannot sing.  It stands out very badly, so why cannot they at least get a voice double for her instead of Auto-tuning her “singing” voice?  See if you can notice it…

3.) There are times that the CG is done well, but there are times that the CG is clearly not done.  Look at the Beast: he looks good in some shots, but in other shots, he looks like he does not belong in a realistic environment.  Some green-screen shots do not really integrate with the actors in front of them, so they need to work on that as well.



Beauty and the Beast: one of the greatest classics in Disney’s Renaissance Era, one of the best films of all time (one of three animated films to be nominated for Best Picture), and one of my favorite films ever.  If I were to grade the original 1991 animated film, I would give it a 10/10 with great characters, writing, and animation; but with small flaws like few animation errors, and a couple of plot holes if you nitpick it hard enough.  Now, we have ourselves a live-action remake of a Disney classic.  When it comes to these live-action remakes, some are good (Cinderella (2015)) and some are bad (Maleficent).  Does this new live-action remake of a tale as old as time need to be retold?  It is good as it can be.  Keep in mind, I am trying not be bias as much as possible considering I love the original version.  That said, the animated version is still better than the live-action remake, but it still has some good elements like the original.  It still has great characters, but the writing is a little more flawed than the original.  The CG is tolerable enough, but it can no way stump the original’s animation.  The remake is good enough for anyone wanting a live-action version, but the animated one is the best one of all.  This is the best you are going to get in live action, but no other version can stump the animated Beauty and the Beast.



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