Benz Eye View: Power Rangers

Power Rangers


1.) This movie certainly feels like a Power Rangers movie.  It keeps in some of the traditions of the original Power Rangers TV series like five teenagers with attitudes (but in a different way), they fight a group of foot soldiers, call in their zords to fight a big monster, etc.  Despite some changes from the original show, it feels like watching a longer episode of Power Rangers, which could be a good or bad thing depending on their execution (which I will get to in the cons).

2.) I really enjoy the cast playing the original Power Rangers.  While there are some differences in the originals, I enjoy the characteristics of each of the Rangers (with the somewhat exceptions with Zach and Trini), and the actors play them so well that I buy the chemistry with all five of them.  They are much better than the almost perfect originals of the TV series that seem to have little to no flaws.

3.) One of the biggest changes from the original that I really like is the movie’s portrayal with Rita Repulsa.  In the original, she is just a typical villain who has some charm.  In this movie, she is a terrifying threat that can be legitimately scary at times.  Some of the changes with her character actually makes some sense when you compare her to the original.  She may not be the most well-written villain you have ever seen, but she is better than the original.



1.) There are certain camera movements/shots and editing choices that can be really bothersome.  Some camera shots favor dutch shots for no good reason, inter-cutting over-the-shoulder shots when two characters speak in turn is disorienting, and other editing moments that makes it seem like the filmmakers are favoring style over substance.  These choices are important since the audience is watching the movie, so they should not make choices that can ruin the audience’s immersion.

2.) Since this is a superhero movie, it cannot escape the typical superhero clichés.  Five people get superpowers, they do not really like each other, and they have to use the power of friendship in order to beat their enemies (come to think of it, that sounds like a typical anime show).  I might as well watch Guardians of the Galaxy since that is a much better film than this repeated superhero cliché, which has a predictable story.  Not to mention that hardcore Power Rangers fans may have to wait a little while for some of their favorite moments to come on-screen.

3.) The movie has a Macguffin that is hidden in Angel Grove (how convenient).  Where is located?  In an area that is just a poor cover-up of a product placement that I have ever seen.  It bothers me so much that it has to be in this con.  They are not subtle at all, and they need to do better than what they just did.



I was a huge Power Rangers fan when I was young.  Every time I watched the opening theme of the show, I was always pumped to see the martial arts and giant monster battles.

It is a really dumb show now that I think about it, but it was a fun dumb show.  I watched it up until Operation Overdrive when it got really stupid even for my tastes.  The show even got a couple of movies in its line-up (which are just stupid now that I looked back at them).  With this new reboot of the Power Rangers movies, is it as faithful as the show as well as being a good movie?  To me, I am a little conflicted.  As a Power Rangers fan, I like this movie.  As a film person, it is just an average movie.  It is indeed faithful to show and adds its own tastes, but kind of fails to hold up as a great movie.  I am pretty sure Power Rangers fans will like it as it is, but average audiences will see it as a typical superhero movie.  There are enough moments that will give the fanboys some glee (despite how brief some of them can be), but typical viewers may not see it the same way.  I would not say that the movie is morphinominal, but it is at least a decent start for the movie franchise.



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