Benz Eye View: Your Name

Your Name


1.) You remember Groundhog Day, and how it sets up their own set of rules on what happened throughout the entire film?  This film does the same thing, and while it takes time to understand what is going on, it gives out a fun and hilarious time with the two main leads (Their initial reactions of the body-switching alone are funny enough).

2.) The writing has no flaws that I can find throughout the entire film (except for a couple that I shall not spoil).  The film has two main leads who have their own set of problems, and they end up helping and falling in love with each other in the process.  It reminds me of Freaky Friday, except it is much better conceived, and it has a stronger emotional connection.

3.) This film’s 2-D animation is very beautiful and drawn so well, it makes me nostalgia over many of the old 2-D animated films (i.e. old Disney films).  The environments look life-like and the characters appear natural, especially without the exaggerated anime facial expressions.  I miss these types of animations considering the huge amount of 3-D animations we have been receiving throughout the recent years…



1.) …Speaking of 3-D animations, there are some of them in the film, and they stick out pretty badly.  It is not bad enough where it completely ruins the immersion of the film, but it is noticeable enough that anyone who has decent knowledge of animation would know how it looks.  Integrating 2-D and 3-D always looks off, and this film will not change that perspective.

2.) Here is one thing you should keep in mind when it comes to Japanese cinema: their filmmaking is much different when compared to American filmmaking.  One example is that they spend more time explaining stuff rather than showing it, and in some cases, that is not even enough.  If you are not a fan of that type of storytelling, you might not completely get what is truly happening in this film without paying close attention or multiple viewings (in this case, I somewhat doubt it).

3.) Considering this is an anime, there are some anime clichés that I am not fond of even when I was young.  Even certain romance clichés fill in this film like the typical “I have fallen in love with you despite knowing you for a couple of weeks” cliché, and it does not really help that two main leads “technically” have not met each other.



Well, here is something I have not really done much (if at all) in this blog: reviewing an anime film, especially since I reviewed a movie based off of an anime last week.  I heard of Your Name before, and how it is the most popular anime film in Japan back in 2016.  Now that it is finally released in the West (I watched it in the Japanese dub with English subtitles), I can clearly see why it is.  The film is nearly perfect in what it delivers: an emotional story about two high school kids switching bodies a few times a week to help each other’s problems, and beginning to fall in love with each other in the process.  As an average anime fan, this film makes me want to watch anime films (especially the most popular ones like any of the great Miyazaki films) considering how different they are with the Western films.  I hope to see many more anime films in the future and many more deeply-emotional films with great writing and animation.  Now excuse me, I need to go back playing Persona 5.



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