Benz Eye View: The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ


1.) In case you are wondering, this film avoids the typical Christian clichés like being preachy (most of the time) and having Bible quotes being slammed into your face (although in this case, it is somewhat necessary since this film is about a non-believing journalist trying to disprove the Christian faith).  It maintains a realistic feel of actual people instead of two-dimensional characters that might as well be replaced by human Bibles.

2.) The film spends a long amount of time analyzing this case for Christ, and does so that gives people something to think about.  They check out Christian and Agnostic views, and they give historical, scientific, and psychological points of view on the Christian faith, and it is kind of refreshing and interesting to learn these things, regardless if you are a Christian or not.

3.) The film does an excellent job to show that the main character, Lee Strobel is investigating the case for Christ for personal reasons instead of a professional one.  It ends up not only affecting his relationship with his wife and family, but also his professional life as an investigative journalist.



1.) This is so minor that it may not bother everyone, but the film is really bright.  It is so bright that it reminds me of the lens flares in the recent Star Trek films.  Tone down the brightness, please.

2.) The subplot between Lee and his dad may have a good outcome, but the process is pretty weak.  It is the typical father-son issue that is uninteresting compared to the rest of the film.  It is delivered well, but you might groan for the fact that you have seen this plenty of times before.  At least the film points it out and has a good payoff.

3.) While there are some good points that are made in the film, I feel like there are some areas that they did not go far enough.  Regardless if the actual Lee Strobel met with them or not, why couldn’t he ask some atheist professionals about the case with Christ?  Lee can use the advice towards the Christians and Agnostics, and they can counter those theories with their own.  That can reinforce what the film is going towards: the validity of the Christian faith.



So we have ourselves another Christian film.  The last Christian movie I reviewed was I’m Not Ashamed from last year, and I thought that movie was pretty decent.  I also believed that Pureflix (the Christian film company that made these movies) are starting to learn how to make these movies instead of a Sunday sermon in movie form.  I stand by with that statement with this film as well, because it is actually really good.  I am sure that the target audience (Christians and maybe skeptics) may enjoy this film more than others, but I stand by this is an actual good film.  Not sure if the actual events are true, but the film is still great regardless.  This film helps make you think regardless what you think of the Christian faith.  I recommend a watch for everyone at least once (including non-believers), although I bet I know who is going to like it more than the others.



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