Benz Eye View: Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant


1.) Throughout the first act, the movie does a good job on its world building.  It gives us how the world works, what the group wants, and the atmosphere/tone of the movie.  It may be pretty slow, but Ridley Scott still knows how to create magnificent-looking worlds with their own feats and fantasies.

2.) I believe that the most stand-out performance in this movie easily belongs to Michael Fassbender as Walter and another certain character that appears in the movie that I will not spoil.  Even though he can appear in bad movies,

Yes, even that.

Fassbender can still act well, and this movie is no different.  Playing an emotionless yet dutiful android that will help his comrades no matter what also makes him stand out from all the other characters and actors.

3.) The movie looks very creative with a combination of both sci-fi and ancient sets and designs.  It has unique visuals that combines sci-fi and fantasy elements, and it is a nice refreshing take in the genre as far as I know (other Aliens vs. Predator, but we are not going to talk about that)…



1.) …Speaking of visuals, the CG and special effects are not really impressive.  I will admit that I am bit spoiled since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has great CG lately.  That being said, the CG in this movie is a bit abnormal.  They do not look that real when compared to actual living actors onscreen.  It has been a while since I have seen the Alien franchise, but I recall that those films manage to barely show the Alien itself with certain shots, quick-cut editing, and low lighting, and those creatures look great.  In this movie, you can tell that it is CG, and it shows the Alien plenty of times.  It looks wrong for some reason, and it ruins what made the Alien great in the first place: terrifying when you can barely see it.

2.) Since this movie is a sequel to Prometheus, it touches upon themes of existentialism and creation.  However, the movie gives you questions that they are not really going to answer.  Remember how Prometheus made a big deal about who created the human beings on Earth?  They quickly gloss over the theme in this movie, too.  If you are going bring up certain themes, then go explore these themes instead of doing a repeat of the original Alien except bigger, or in a worst-case scenario, Fant4stic.

3.) The characters might as well be wearing red shirts, because they are a bunch of idiots.  Granted, some of their actions do have some good reason, but they even point out how risky and stupid those actions are at times.  There is also the typical horror cliché of one person going alone in an area that they REALLY should have someone with them when they are dealing with a monster that is out there trying to kill them!  Have these people ever seen horror movies in their lives, especially since this takes place in the future?  Not to mention that a certain twist that happens that these people should have seen coming, but they did not bother to think about until much later.  Overall, these guys deserve to die.



I admit that I am not an Aliens fan, but I do understand its appeal (especially the Alien Xenomorph itself).  Alien was a great sci-fi horror film.  Aliens went up to the next level with its suspenseful action.  Alien 3 was not really up in par with the previous films.  Alien: Resurrection…well, let’s not talk about that.  Prometheus was an interesting turn for the norm, but it falls apart the more you think about the movie’s structure.  Now, we have the sequel to Prometheus and the prequel to Alien: Alien: Covenant.  I have been hearing that Alien fans are not really happy with this movie.  For me, I can see why, but I do not hate it.  Maybe it is because I am not really that attached to the franchise, and I am more interested in other things.  In any case, Aliens: Covenant tries to be deep with its themes of existentialism like in Prometheus, while satisfying the Alien fans by having the Alien Xenomorphs this time around.  However, it fails on both accounts.  I say if you are an Alien fan, you will find yourself disappointed.  If you have nothing else to watch, this movie will have to do for any regular sci-fi fan…or just watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.


Sorry that it has been a while since I made a review.  I was having some personal things to deal with, but now I am back.  I will make it up with an upcoming review of a media that I have not done in a while, which it is coming soon.  For one, I really wanted to review this.  For another, it is because of a calling card that I just got.

Huh, I didn’t see that coming…

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