Benz Eye View: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


1.) It feels like a long time since we have seen Jack Sparrow back in action, and it is surely nice to see him again.  Out of all of the characters in this movie (other than Barbossa), Jack Sparrow easily stands out over everyone with his witty and weird characteristics (something unusual for a pirate), which it is to be expected since he is by far the most compelling character you have ever seen throughout the series.  He is the one character that holds this franchise together after all.

2.) There are some good character arcs that follow through this movie.  Admittedly, they are just adequate, but a big improvement over the forgettable On Stranger Tides.  The character who has greatest arc over all the other characters is Hector Barbossa.  Not going to spoil why, but let’s just say he has the best emotional weight for the movie.  Overall, the characters and their arc are more compelling than its predecessor.

3.) The main antagonist, Captain Armando Salazar and his crew are fearsome.  Remember Barbossa and his crew when they were cursed and their true forms are revealed under the moonlight, and Davy Jones and his crew with their Kraken?  Those guys were truly a force to be reckoned with, and Salazar and his crew are no exceptions.  It was what’s missing with Blackbeard on On Stranger Tides: not only are these guys extraordinarily threatening (and well-designed monsters), but they are also interesting.  They may be somewhat typical, but at least interesting enough over a legendary pirate with a magical sword who wants to live longer.



1.) There are some other antagonistic forces in the movie: The British Royal Navy, and these guys are a bunch of idiots.  (SPOILERS) They are only in half of the movie, and they are easily dealt with by Captain Salazar. (END SPOILERS)  There is very little use to these characters, so they might as well write them off since there is little use of their existence in this movie.  There is even a witch character that seems important, and she only appears twice for a few minutes.  They are just pointless, and I will not be surprised if no one remembers these people other than they are the descendants of the Stormtroopers.

2.) I rewatched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (even On Stranger Tides) before watching this one, and I noticed some story continuity errors.  Saying all the ones I noticed will spoil the movie, but if you are a Pirates fan, you will notice it as well.  One example is that some of major crew members from the first three movies mysteriously returned despite suddenly disappearing in On Stranger Tides.  I thought they were killed by Blackbeard, but they are back apparently…

3.) …Including the two British Navy soldiers/goofballs from the first and third movies, and these are characters who overstayed their welcome.  They are examples of the third con for this movie: the comedy is poor.  There are some moments where I found amusingly funny, but I felt that the comedy bits are written by an amateur, which it is not, because it is written by Jeff Nathanson, who also wrote Rush Hour 2, and I found that film to be hilarious.  All I can say is better luck next time, because he can write comedy better than that.



Who would have thought that a movie franchise based on a ride would do so well?  The Curse of the Black Pearl was a surprising hit that nobody thought would do well.  Dead Man’s Chest was a step down from its predecessor, but it still holds some value if you overlook its flaws.  At World’s End has numerous problems with few things holding it together.  On Stranger Tides…wait, there was a fourth movie?  Jokes aside, that movie was so forgettable, I do not think anyone would notice if it was wiped from existence.  After six years of rest, does this movie at least surpass its forgettable predecessor?  It sure does, but it does not really share the same amazing heights as Curse of the Black Pearl.  The charm of these movies may have dissipated throughout the years, but I can tell the filmmakers are trying to make a good movie with elements like Jack Sparrow, the supernatural antagonists, and the incredible music.  It will impress the fans of the franchise, and newcomers will have some enjoyment.  I can honestly say that it is great to see the great Captain Jack Sparrow back in action after all these years.

Although, you are going to have a bit of a competition if you want be top dog in Disney again.



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