Benz Eye View: Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)


1.) The film does a great job making visual atmospheric differences between Themyscira and London.  Themyscira is bright and heavenly while London is bleak, dark, and hellish.  The visuals (not the CG, which they do stand out pretty badly) makes each location seem unique from each other…

2.) …Which relates to Wonder Woman since she has a great character arc.  She starts out wanting to fight evil, because she believes that good and evil are simple.  However, she eventually realizes that good and evil are much more complicated than she thought.  While the delivery of the arc could have been better, I appreciate how Diana Prince grows throughout the entire film, and how she ends up in the events of Batman v. Superman (despite a few questions that I have for the character).

3.) If there is one thing that the DC Extended Universe is doing well over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is the music.  Wonder Woman’s theme has been playing throughout the film bit by bit, and it fully plays in certain battle scenes.  This is how you make a great theme as opposed to Marvel where there are very few good musical moments (i.e. The Avengers).



1.) If you want a superhero film with plenty of battle scenes, you are going to have to wait, because the pacing is so slow when the second act begins, particularly when Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor leave Themyscira.  The film develops many scenes, plot points, and characters throughout its run time, but it takes too much time for anything interesting to happen.  You probably will not even remember some of the characters that are introduced other than the major ones.

2.) Sadly, there are some below-average acting in this film.  Fortunately, it is not outright terrible, and can be considered passable in certain moments, but they are noticeable.  There are moments where I wondered why the director chose shots where the actors were stuttering with their lines.  I would be fine with them stuttering, except it happens so often, I cannot really ignore it.  Unfortunately, the one actor who suffers the worst with below-average acting is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  When she is acting and fighting normally, she is fine, but when she has to be emotional, she cannot do it.  I can see some potential in her, so she may need some acting lessons, otherwise she will be replaced pretty quickly if her acting does not get better.

3.) Apparently, the director loves slow motion so much that she uses it in most if not all of her action scenes.  While it is cool to see, it gets tiring over time.  Tone it down, and let the cinematographers do their job (although they need to work on it as well in certain action moments).



The DC Extended Universe’s competition against the Marvel Cinematic Universe started off poorly.  Man of Steel was awful, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was even worse, and Suicide Squad was slightly better, but was still bad.  The DCEU’s next installment: Wonder Woman is out now.  Will Wonder Woman do a better job in the DCEU where Superman, Batman, and even the Suicide Squad could not?  In a word, yes.  They FINALLY learned their lessons, and made an actual good film.  They made a superhero compelling, her character arc interesting, and a film that is a breath of fresh air over the dark and dull movies before it.  I hope they continue this over the other films in the DCEU (I am looking at you, Justice League).  Until then, if you wanted a good DCEU film, it has finally come in the form of Wonder Woman.



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