Benz Eye View: The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy (2017)


1.) Tom Cruise is certainly trying out of all the other major cast members (other than Sofia Boutella, but I will get to her in a second).  When he has to be emotional, he does it well.  When he has to be confused (although I am betting he is as confused as I am in this movie), you can buy it.  He still has the talent to act as he did in his old movies.

2.) Sofia Boutella as Princess Ahmanet is quite intimidating and scary at times.  While I do not think of her as great as Imhotep from the previous Mummy movies, she can certainly hold on her own as a threatening antagonistic force that is not meant to be messed with by anyone.  She may not have the same abilities as her previous Mummy antagonists, but she has powers that can frighten any normal human being.

3.) There are some interesting references to the old Universal Movie Monsters.  Not to going to say what they are, but they are nice tribute to old those classical films.  In fact, there is an Easter Egg that refers to The Mummy (1999).  There is even one (and I may be looking this a bit too closely) that reminds me so much of Friday the 13th.  I know that is not much of a pro…



1.) …That is because there are so many things wrong with this movie.  Let us start with the characters.  I do not like any of them.  Some are annoying and others are unlikable.  They try to give chemistry with many of these characters (like the friendship between Nick Morton and Chris Vail, and the romance between Nick and Jenny), but their chemistry is as thin as toilet paper (also the actress who plays the love interest, Jenny, sucks).  The movie tries to make us care for them, but they failed so badly, I wanted Princess Ahmanet to hurry up and kill them.

2.) The action scenes are lackluster.  Very few moments did the action scenes become engaging (i.e. Ahmanet throwing around Tom Cruise, and the sandstorm scene).  I might as well describe these scenes as rag-doll zombies being thrown towards the actors as they try to run away.  The filmmakers should really look at The Mummy (1999) as a decent example on how to make an action scene engaging.

3.) There are so many things wrong with the writing.  Besides the poor characters, there are scenes that serve no purpose to the movie whatsoever.  Since this movie involves Ancient Egypt, they mention the Second Crusader Knights are involved.  They give a reason, but it still feels a little contrived to suddenly have Ancient Egypt and Second Crusader Knights being connected somehow.  Not only that, the characters make poor decisions that should have gotten them killed.  Also, since this is a new cinematic universe, the movie is building up certain things for other movies.  It does a better job on foreshadowing than the DCEU, but they are noticeable.



The Mummy.  One of the classical movie monsters; a Universal Movie Monster.  While I have not seen the original Mummy movies (unfortunately), I have seen the Sommers movies starring Brendan Fraser.  The Mummy (1999) was enjoyable if not flawed.  The Mummy Returns was still enjoyable despite bigger amounts of flaws.  The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor has flaws that could not be ignored, making the movie dreadful instead of fun.  Now we have The Mummy (2017): a movie that kick-starts the Dark Universe: a cinematic universe that has the Universal Movie Monsters cross over in the same movie universe.  I do recall that there was an attempt in making this universe in the movie Van Helsing (2004), and it did not do well.  Does this movie a good start for this universe to grow into a multitude of movies?  To put it simply, no.  It is a bad start in a similar fashion of how Man of Steel started the DC Extended Universe.  Poor characters, bad writing, and lackluster action are what makes this movie and Man of Steel similar to each other.  I hope they learn their lessons with the failures of this movie, because if they do not, this world of gods and monsters will cease to exist very easily.



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