Benz Eye View: The Book of Henry

The Book of Henry


1.) When it comes to child actors, they can easily make or break a film.  In the case of this film, the child actors did a fantastic job in their roles.  They do act like legitimate children even if one of the child characters is abnormal due to his intelligence.  They work well alongside with the adult actors, making their on-screen relationships appear genuine.

2.) All these characters are genuine with their obvious strengths and weaknesses.  A few of them I question whether or not they are needed to be there, but they are good enough for certain emotional moments.

3.) Even though it takes a while to reveal itself, the conflict can be rather nerve-wracking.  What happens in the film is a little more extreme than I thought it would be, but it makes some moments in the film exhilarating.



1.) The first act of this film is longer than I expected due to how slow it is.  I get it is trying to establish what is happening, but in terms of screenwriting, that is not exactly how you should write them (I understand that the rules of screenwriting are not really set in stone and can be changed depending on the writer’s style, but they must do a good job at it).  One character I thought was going to be the main character ends up not being one (which can happen in writing, but it just feels odd).  The film needs to balance on its three-act structure.

2.) Halfway into the film, the tone changes from family-friendly into something slightly sinister and dark.  The change of tone is jarring, and may annoy plenty of people in the process, and change how they see the movie.

3.) There is one plot hole I noticed after watching that could make or break some people for liking this film.  I will not say what it is, and I hope you will figure it out after watching the film, but let’s just say that the entire film would not have happened if these characters notice this flaw.



I really do not have much to comment about this film’s origins since I came into it without any knowledge of it other than one word of mouth saying that it is good.  I decided to check it out, and it is surprisingly good.   What is a bigger surprise to me is that critics do not like this film at all.  I understand that there are things in the writing in this film that is different from the usual screenwriting method, but I think it actually works to an extent.  It has been a while since I have seen an original film (and since I have noticed that many of the films that I have watched are sequels, prequels, based on other media, etc., that is a good welcome).  Sorry if I am vague in certain areas, but I would like you to watch it without any knowledge about the film since I believe it will have a bigger impact for you.



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