Benz Eye View: Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight





1.) It seems to me that Michael Bay REALLY loves to screw with people when it comes to story, or rather the lack thereof, because the writing is ATROCIOUS!  It is so bad, I could not follow what is happening in the movie for a long time.  All I can remember is that there is an artifact in Earth that the Autobots and humans have to get before destruction reigns on Earth.  Does that sound familiar to you?  It should, because that has happened throughout EVERY TRANSFORMERS MOVIE EVER MADE!  For crying out loud, have these people even tried to be clever in their writing?  Plus, there are plot holes galore throughout the entire movie (especially if you have seen the previous movies).  The biggest writing sin I seen in the movie is that the ads show Optimus Prime betraying the Autobots.  No spoilers, but other than we barely get to see him until the third act, do not get excited.  Not only that, the characters (even the returning ones) are unlikable, forgettable, or both.  I will not blame the actors (they are trying their best in their roles), but it does not excuse the poor characters and their lack of development.  A few of the characters seem to have been developed to have a big role only to never be seen again after their small role is up.  I cannot believe how pathetic the writing team is in this movie.

2.) Wait, I am not done.  If you have been following Michael Bay, you know there is going to be plenty of action.  Like his previous Transformers movies, there are plenty of action that are so overblown and go on for so long, it makes them dull and boring.  For crying out loud, if the action ends up boring, repetitive, and dull, you know you failed as an action director.  The only somewhat exception is the last battle, but not by much.  There is another reason why these action scenes are dreadful as they are…

3.) …The cinematography and post-production areas are terrible.  While there are some cool shots here and there, it seems like the movie wants to have as many shots as possible despite some of them being absolutely unnecessary (or in certain cases, not enough establishing shots to show where the characters are).  It does not help that the editing keeps cutting so many shots so many times that it becomes slightly disorienting.  It must have been a nightmare for the editors in this movie (which there are six editors), because it seems like Michael Bay keeps asking them put in certain shots literally every second.  Also, the aspect ratio keeps changing throughout the entire movie, making it extremely distracting for me to concentrate what is happening.  I do not know what happened behind the scenes, but I can blame Michael Bay for not improving from his previous work despite every constructive (and destructive) criticisms that everyone has given him.



Transformers: a movie series (directed by Michael Bay) based on a toy line of the same name.  A name that has lived in infamy in the movie world.  Transformers (2007) was a guilty pleasure movie that clearly has faults, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a complete and utter mess that probably should have shown signs of future movies to come with Michael Bay in the director’s chair.  Transformers: Dark of the Moon was slightly better, but still has enough problems that could not be ignored.  Transformers: Age of Extinction threw the few lessons that they learned from the last movie, and completely screwed up with so many errors.  Unfortunately, I have to say the same thing with Transformers: The Last Knight, because it is absolutely terrible!  How in the world is Michael Bay managing to get away with making these movies that are poorly made, and still receive billions of dollars in the box office?  I do not know how this is possible, but I will give him that he is very…pretentious with his work.  There are so many things wrong with this movie that is carried from the previous ones that I cannot believe that the crew did not even attempt to at least improve from his mistakes (or maybe they wanted to, but Michael Bay prevented them).  There are probably a FEW good things if I looked hard enough, but they are muddled with so many writing, production, and post-production problems that it is not even worth the hassle.  Worst of all, they announced that there is going to be another sequel and a spin-off movie featuring Bumblebee.  If they are going to continue, remove Michael Bay from the director’s chair, because he has forgotten how to make a great film.  In the end, all he seems to care for is…




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