Benz Eye View: Baby Driver

Baby Driver


1.) The car chases have great cinematography and editing.  I can describe it to be Fast and the Furious, except better (to be fair, I only seen two of its latest movies, so I do not know if the previous movies can compare).  They are energetic, fun, and fast while having great camera shots/movements and editing that helps everyone know what is happening on-screen.

2.) One big thing that gets established early on in the film is sound and music.  Thanks to the editing, the beats in the music coincide with the sound in the film, making it catchy and stylistic.  Come to think of it, he loves to time his editing in his past films as well.  Think of movie trailers that plays certain moments in the music beats, and now implement that into a film.  If you are into music (which there are plenty of different songs), you will enjoy how this film implements them.

3.) Considering that the last movie I watched was Transformers: The Last Knight, this film’s directing is immensely better compared to the previous movie.  Michael Bay should take some notes from Edgar Wright, because this is how a film is directed.  Great cinematography, editing, action, and so many more is what makes a great film go around.  Compared to Michael Bay’s odd cinematography, out-of-control editing, blind action, and lack of direction, Edgar Wright creates a breath of fresh air in this film.



1.) You can argue that the last few moments of the first act are slow.  I understand that is establishing the characters and the romance a bit, but you cannot help feeling that is slow after going through a couple of intense car chases.

2.) There is a minor conflict that occurs in the third act that I felt had a pretty cheap resolve.  No spoilers, but it seems convenient that it was solved the way it did.



Edgar Wright is one of the most talented film directors alive right now.  He has shown it with his Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End), and he probably would have been a great director for Marvel’s Ant-Man if Marvel Studios had not interfered.  It has been a while since his last directorial film (The World’s End) four years ago, so he made his latest film: Baby Driver.  The fact that it was written and directed by Edgar Wright already caught my attention, so I decided to check it out.  Guys, he did it again.  This is a fantastic film.  The story may be have done before, but how it was executed makes this film one amazing ride with sound and music.  Edgar Wright knows how to make a film (unlike a CERTAIN director who lost his charm with his last movie), and he is going to take you for a ride.



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