Benz Eye View: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming


1.) Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man is an absolutely great choice for the character.  Not only that, many of the major actors (from Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man to Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes/Vulture) performed well.  In fact, all the major characters are utilized well for this film, mainly because they are utilized well in the story…

2.) …When I think of Spider-Man, I think of his famous catch phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  It is by far one the most important catch phrases in the world in my opinion, and it was implemented well in the Sam Raimi films (even the third movie to an extent), but not as much in the Marc Webb movies.  With sufficient writing and story, it is fulfilled in this film.  Considering Spider-Man is a teenager in this iteration, he clearly has much to learn, and his growth and hero’s journey in the film is great.

3.) The action scenes are cool, and funny in certain cases.  One thing that I have not really seen for Spider-Man that has not really been done before onscreen is that he does not really go into skyscrapers that much, and he ends up spending more time in areas with small buildings, making it hard for him to web-swing in certain areas.  In fact, many action scenes are challenging for the Wall-Crawler, which is a delight to see especially in the climax of a climactic battle.



1.) There are some scenes that I find unnecessary, making the film a bit too long.  Once again, saying what they are will be spoilers, but these scenes slightly drag the film a bit when it only needed a small moment to prove its point, then the film can easily move on…

2.) …There is ONE thing I want to talk about that I must spoil, so here is your warning.  (SPOILERS) There is this character named Michelle that I really do not like.  She constantly appears in the film, and she treats Peter Parker (and pretty much everyone else) like trash.  It is eventually revealed near the end that she calls herself “MJ.”  Meaning, it is implied that Michelle is Mary-Jane Watson.  Really?  I do not like her, and yet she is Mary-Jane, and will end up being Peter’s true romantic interest?  To be fair, producer and president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige said that she is not Mary-Jane Watson.  Three things come in mind: he is lying, he does not really know what is happening in the film, or he is telling the truth.  If she is going to be MJ, I would at least hope she reforms to be a better person over time.  Until then, I do not exactly accept this character as Mary-Jane Watson.  (END SPOILERS)

3.) The romance is pretty weak.  I can see that some people might argue that it is the point, but since there is a romance, I might as well criticize it a bit.  Peter Parker himself is fine, but Liz Allan is not really developed enough.  There are few character moments for her, but not enough make me truly care for her (except for one moment relating to her family).  While she is kind of cute, I will not be surprised if she does not end up with Peter anytime soon.



Spider-Man: the most popular Marvel superhero, and one of two of my favorite superheroes (the other being Batman).  It was no surprise that he has several movie iterations.  With the Sam Raimi trilogy, Spider-Man (2002) was a great movie that has CG and several writing clichés that have not aged well.  Spider-Man 2 was an improvement over the previous movie despite a few pacing problems.  Spider-Man 3 was disappointing with over-bearing and confusing plots that did not work well together.  With the Marc Webb reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man was a decent movie that shows early signs that its studio, Sony cares more about creating a cinematic universe similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe than an actual film.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was an absolute mess with those same signs being clearly obvious with its mess of a story.  It was so poorly received critically that Sony caved in (mostly thanks to the Sony leaks), and decided to share the Spider-Man film rights to Marvel Studios.  As a result, Spider-Man becomes part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by first appearing in Captain America: Civil War.  Now, he gets his own film in the MCU called Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Will this film truly represent who Spider-Man is as he is in the comics, or will the general audience get sick of the constant reboots?  I can safely say that it is a true “homecoming” for Spider-Man to enter the MCU.  I can say it is as good as Spider-Man 2, and that is because of the main character’s growth is well done, and his hero’s journey is mostly well-thought out.  It is so good to see my favorite Marvel superhero back on the big screen (even though he was rebooted…again), and officially part of the MCU.  Admittedly, I am worried on how he is treated by Sony (I mean, having Venom coming in right now is too soon).  However, if Marvel Studios can manage to steer Spidey in the right direction, I think it will be fine.  Any Spider-Man and Marvel fan will be proud of the MCU version of this famous superhero, and general audiences will get to enjoy Spider-Man once again.  Now, all we need is to have the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to come into the MCU, and we will have a true Marvel Cinematic Universe.


I did watch the film in 3D, and it is so not worth it.


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