Benz Eye View: The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower (2017)


1.) The two actors who stand out in this movie are Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.  I found their acting subtler than any of their other roles in their past films, but they do stand out over the other actors who are simply doing their jobs, resulting of a lacking stand-out actor other than the previous two I mentioned.

2.) I like that the areas where the movie was shot in are on-location as far as I can tell.  I know this is a weak pro, but I can find very few pros that are worth mentioning (i.e. the CG is tolerable).

3.) I can see that the world of The Dark Tower has potential.  The movie mentions that there are plenty of worlds that are not yet seen, and I like that idea of the main leads going to these worlds one day…



1.) …The huge problem that this movie has is that they do not explain the world of this movie enough.  The first big warning sign is that the antagonist needs children in order to use his cannon-like object to destroy the Dark Tower.  Why is it only children?  Why not adults as well?  The movie gives out so many questions, and leaves many of them unanswered.  When it comes to fantasy, you need to give a good amount of explanation on how the world works (especially if the audience is not familiar with those worlds).  As a result, there are moments that are going to be considered plot holes or conveniences.

2.) The main child actor playing the child protagonist, Jake Chambers is not good.  I get his character is supposed to be depressed and down, but how the actor executes his role is outright dull.  He is not convincing when he is trying to be serious and emotional when certain scenes call his character for that certain moment.  In fact, when one certain scene calls for his character to be sad, his execution made me snicker.  The boy needs more acting classes, then he can work alongside and look as good with his better actors like Idris Elba.

3.) The action scenes are lackluster.  It is just the usual shooting scenes that do not really have much weight and tension.  Technically, there is tension, but I can easily guess what is going to happen, because those scenes are predictable and lack weight.  The only exception is the battle in the climax, but I found that there are several ways that the main characters should have died, but the movie gives a poor excuse on how they manage to survive.



Based on the novel series of the same name by Stephen King, The Dark Tower has been a popular book series since 1982 (a series I never read).  After several delays since the film project started back in 2007, the movie was finally released in 2017…and it probably should have delayed it a bit longer, because the final product is not good with the lack of explanation of its world being the biggest flaw.  I can see plenty of potential for this movie, and so did the creators, because they were planning to have a TV series that takes place after the movie if it succeeded.  Considering how the movie went out, I find it doubtful that will ever happen.  I have heard that this movie is unfaithful to the novels, so the fans must be pretty mad.  If you want something that is true to its source material, read the novels since I heard they are good.  If you want a movie that is a western sci-fi fantasy of 2017, just wait for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, because The Dark Tower is not the movie you are looking for.




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