Benz Eye View: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle


1.) The movie sure knows how to stylize their action scenes.  They show off with slow-motion shots and one-shot moments.  Even though those scenes pace a bit too quickly at times, the movie still has the same fun action moments as with the last film (although the church scene in the last film is the best one of them all).

2.) In this movie, they introduce a new group of agents called the Statesman, and I love these guys as much as the Kingsman.  They contrast each other from their gadgets to their clothing to their base, and yet they are pretty much the same as each other in many ways like their desire to protect the world from devastation.  It makes me wonder if there are other branches of agents like them.  Maybe a Japanese one called Bushidoman…that would be cool.

3.) A few of the subplots stand out over the rest of the movie.  Without spoiling what they are, my favorite one involves Harry/Agent Galahad and the other Kingsman.  It makes some interesting emotional moments, and it reminds me of the last film’s greatest traits…



1.) …While I enjoy these subplots, the movie goes on for way too long.  Many scenes establish the main plot and its subplots, but they drag it for too long that they are already needed.  In fact, one way that they drag it is that the main plot comes to a halt for ten minutes, and one of the subplots spends those ten minutes in its place.  They do that so often that I sometimes forget that the main plot exists (mainly because the main antagonist, Poppy Adams does not have a single ounce of charm as the last film’s antagonist, Richmond Valentine).  That is not a good way to pace a movie if the audience has to spend more time watching the subplots over the main plot; it ends up feeling like three episodes of a TV mini-series jammed together into a movie.  Either remove some of those subplots, or find a way to decrease the number of scenes, because the movie is long enough that it already is.

2.) Remember in the last film that Eggsy had his one moment with the Crown Princess Tilde of Sweden in the end?  In this movie, they are officially a couple.  I did not see this coming.  While it gives Eggsy some emotional stakes in this movie, I found the romance to be forced and weak.  Mainly because it was out of nowhere and expected it to be a one-time thing in the last film, the romance is not developed enough for me to really care.  In fact, I expected Roxy/Agent Lancelot to be the love interest for Eggsy.  (LIGHT SPOILERS) However, Roxy ends up getting killed early in the movie.  Great, thank you for that.  (END LIGHT SPOILERS)  To put it simply, the movie might have been a little better if the romance did not exist at all.

3.) The CG and green screen effects really stand out.  I do not recall that the last film had that bad of a CG and green screen effect, but this one takes the cake.  They do not look like they belong in a live action world as opposed to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which the CG and green screen effects blend perfectly with the live action people and places.  It kind of hurts my eyes looking at the movie when they show off those scenes.  Maybe given more time, those effect would have looked so much better than the finished product.



Ah, finally.  A movie I can finally talk about: Kingsman, a movie series based on a comic book series.  The first film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, was a fun action spy comedy film that is enjoyable to watch.  On the other hand, its sequel: Kingsman: The Golden Circle is not as enjoyable, or to be more direct, not as well-made.  There are still some great moments and traits in the movie: the actors still manage to play well in their roles, the world of Kingsman is still amazing, the characters (except for the antagonist) are still great.  However, the movie boggles down with its overly long running time, its poor CG and green screen effect, and it subplots that take over the main plot from time to time (to be fair, some of those subplots are good).  The last film was clever with its self-awareness while this movie has very little.  If you love the first Kingsman film, you will sadly be disappointed with its sequel.



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