Benz Eye View: Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049


1.) The two things that the first Blade Runner has that are passed down to its new installment are the visuals and the set designs.  The visuals look stunning and amazing that reflects with the set designs, which they blend in so well, you might think all the CG visuals look real.  Impressive blend of the two makes a fantastic-looking film…

2.) …What also helps with the visuals is the excellent cinematography.  There are so many excellent camera shots combined with great production values like a person in the shadows or the use of lighting.  It has been a while since I have seen a film using this type of technique in a long time: using production and camera work to reinforce the film…

3.) …What I mean by that is those two elements (visuals and cinematography) are used with the film’s interesting symbolism.  I cannot really describe all of it, but certain ones (like a scene involving a newborn replicant) makes the film visually interesting.  Combine the symbolism with interesting writing, and you got a film that knows how to tell a story with imagery.



1.) I am going to warn you that this film is VERY slow-paced, and that results in certain people looking at the film unfavorably (to be fair, the original did the same thing).  It takes its sweet time to get to certain points, but it does make it up with sweet visuals and camera shots.  However, this might not appeal to everyone (especially a hardcore fast-paced audience), so you have been warned.

2.) There is one moment in the film that could have easily resolved and ended the conflict faster.  No spoilers, but it did slightly bother me the more I think about it.  It is probably not that bad considering the revelation might not resolve the conflict immediately, but many plot points could have been avoided if this moment was discovered earlier.

3.) There is a group that appears later into the film that seems to be important, but does not really do much at all.  They are easily the most boring part of the film, and they barely contribute to anything.  I argue that if they are removed in the film (and change a few moments in the script), there would be little to no change in the story.



Blade Runner is one of the most popular sci-fi films of all time when it was released back in 1982.  I admit: I never watched it until yesterday just to prepare for its upcoming sequel.  From a single view, I can definitely see why it is popular, but I feel it is one of those films that requires multiple viewings in order to understand and appreciate certain elements like its visuals and symbolism.  All of this carries out in its sequel, Blade Runner 2049.  Does that make it better, or just as good as its original?  Admittedly, I cannot really say, because this film also feels like it’s required to watch it multiple times in order to understand and appreciate its symbolism and creativity.  I will say that this film is fantastic nonetheless.  It is not for everyone, though.  If you are fan of fast-paced action or getting to the point (i.e. Star Wars), you will not find it here.  However, if you are into sci-fi noir that is slow-paced, but takes its time to show off its creativity while telling a coherent story, this is a film for you.



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