Benz Eye View: Saw VI

Saw VI


1.) I slightly like how Hoffman decides to follow his own ways instead of Jigsaw’s, moving away from giving people a chance to just doing whatever he wants.  (SPOILERS) Hoffman goes as far as killing other people who are close to discovering that he is Jigsaw despite Kramer’s protest against “killing.”  (END SPOILERS)  I kind of wished the movie spends more time with this, but it goes to show that Jigsaw’s method of teaching his apprentices does not exactly work.

2.) This is my favorite set of traps I have ever seen.  Ignoring the usual absurdities about them, not only are some of the creative (my favorite trap in the series so far is the carousel trap), there is a somewhat emotional investment for the main character of the game, William Easton.  He has to make many difficult choices to sacrifice one or the other people that he knew.  I can go on how the carousel trap is the best example of this, but explaining its strengths (and faults) might take up the entire review.  Clever traps that are not only inventive, but also fitting for William.  It would have been helpful if I knew these people more, but still inventive nonetheless.

3.) Once again, the movie uses flashbacks to show more of Jigsaw’s backstory, and it is slightly interesting.  John Kramer apparently tried to have some health insurance in order to cure himself of his cancer despite the low chances, but William (his healthcare insurance executive) believes that is not going to work and does not help him.  The conversations between the two characters have some intriguing moments; William probably could have prevented the creation of Jigsaw, but he ultimately did not.  Also, Jigsaw’s conversations with his ex-wife, Jill is slightly touching if not a little imbecilic in a few points.



1.) Jigsaw’s planning is super convenient and ridiculous.  You mean to tell me that Jigsaw planned to have these people be part of his “games” even after his death?  Maybe if it was Hoffman planning them, I can slightly understand, but how big of a mastermind is John Kramer?  He is just a guy with a background of civil engineering (and does not strike me as a rich man) and has cancer, not some satanic force who can magically make all of this happen.  How has he not been caught yet (excluding Saw II when he escaped)?  I know it is pointless to complain about the same thing, but if the movie is not going bother explaining this, I will keep bringing it up.

2.) Even though I like Hoffman’s divergence with Jigsaw, his plot in this movie is idiotic.  The FBI is suspicious that he might be a Jigsaw accomplice, but they bring him along the investigation, because they believe that he is one of the few people that they trust.  Predictably, this does not end well.  If the FBI is just as bad as the police in catching Jigsaw or Hoffman (especially when he is right alongside them), they deserve to die.

3.) Even though it is great to see Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, they are just making excuses to keep bringing that guy back through flashbacks.  (SPOILERS) It was probably not a smart move to have him killed off in Saw III, especially when they have to keep resorting to this tactic.  (END SPOILERS)  Desperate times comes desperate measures I suppose, but it is still a noticeable flaw nonetheless.



On October 23, 2009, Saw VI was released into theaters (we are almost there, people).  Nothing much to say here other than this is a step down from the last movie, but there are a few good things I actually like (they still know how to make some good traps just to please the torture-crazed fans).  It gets bogged down by cons that they still have not resolved, and areas that becomes more noticeably flawed as each movie is made.  I guess they were running out of ideas, because this is the second to last of the Saw movies until the upcoming Jigsaw movie.  Let’s hope Saw 3D/VII makes the series go out with a bang until Jigsaw.



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