Benz Eye View: Jigsaw



1.) If you have noticed in the trailer, you may be thinking, “How is Jigsaw still alive despite having his neck sliced by Jeff in Saw III?”  The mystery is pretty interesting, especially since this takes place ten years after the events of Saw VII.  He may have survived somehow, or it might be a copycat.  Who knows?  At least the mystery is good enough to keep anyone invested in this movie, especially fans of the Saw series.

2.) Production has greatly improved over the last movie and the series in general.  Better camerawork, set pieces, traps, special effects, etc.  I can tell this has been done by a better crew than the last one, because despite some of the good efforts of the past movies, I can still see some amateur moves from those crew (to be fair, certain technology was not available at that time, and it was done in a fairly cheap budget).  That, or they have gotten better since Saw VII seven years ago.

3.) The acting has gotten much better from the last movies.  There are a few cracks that show their inability to emote, but the acting is bit competent with other actors (other than Tobin Bell, who is still the best actor and character in this movie).  It certainly went a long way after Adam’s fake death in the first Saw.



1.) As it is with the staple of any Saw movie, we have some dumb characters in here.  To be fair, some of these characters actually try to do some smart moves only for those moves end up not working, because Jigsaw is apparently the smartest person in the Saw universe.  Still, some of the choices these characters make could have been avoided if they were able to think this through.

2.) Another Saw staple: huge suspensions of disbelief.  There are plenty of questions that any moviegoer will think of when they see this movie, probably more when they start thinking about the events of the movie, and even more if they saw all of the past movies.  I suppose I should be used to it at this point, but it still cannot be ignored in terms of writing and story structure.  I would explain more in terms of Saw lore, but I am going to avoid spoilers for the sake of the people who really want to watch this movie, except…

3.) …There is one thing that really bothers me about this movie that connects to the last Saw movie, so here is your spoiler warning.  (SPOILERS) Since this movie takes place ten years after Jigsaw’s death, where is Dr. Gordon?  I was hoping that he would appear in this movie since he was the current Jigsaw killer.  Instead, we have a new person named Logan who was a Jigsaw victim, but since he was unconscious when his game started, Jigsaw saved his life, and he became his apprentice.  We have two Jigsaw killers in the series now.  I have mixed feelings about this.  While it is interesting that there is ANOTHER Jigsaw apprentice (I hope he does not end up like Amanda or Hoffman), not only will that create more plot holes that might as well be as big as a black hole, but they are clearly sequel-baiting here.  If they are, I hope they learned their lessons from their past mistakes.  Knowing them, they will not.  (END SPOILERS)



On October 27, 2017, seven years after Saw VII, Jigsaw was finally released in theaters.  Seven years since the last Saw movie.  Seven.  What do they have for us this time?  Was the wait worth it?  Do they have an interesting movie to show, and actually avoid the flaws that the past movies have made?  To say the least, this is a mixed bag.  If you hated the apparent plot holes, big leaps in logic, and suspensions of disbelief in the series, you will hate this movie.  If you love the Saw series, nothing in the world (not even me) will change your mind.  As a movie on its own, as I said before, it is a mixed bag.  I do not expect average moviegoers will love this movie, especially if they hate torture porn.  If you want something to truly frighten you, probably not this one unless if you are that much of a scaredy cat.  Otherwise, watch it if you want, but the people who will truly enjoy this movie are going to be Saw fans.


Now, what do I think of the Saw series as a whole?  In a way, I admire it.  I can tell that they want to tell a good story in the series (especially in the first two movies).  However, it is unfortunately bogged down with so many bloody torture porn traps that the average viewer will see it as a mindless bloody movie series.  It does not really help that many elements (i.e. writing, production, acting, etc.) are not really the best that everyone will ever see.  If there is one thing that everyone can probably agree on, the true star of the series is clearly Tobin Bell as John Kramer a.k.a. the Jigsaw killer.  With a compelling background and character, he is the only one carrying this series around despite the character’s death (not really surprising considering other horror series like Halloween, Friday the 13th, or Nightmare on Elm Street).  Will I watch another one?  Sure, but I am hoping that they fix their flaws in the series since I do like the premise of the series.  Do I recommend it to anyone?  Maybe watch the first Saw, and if they like it, let them try the rest of the series.  If they start hating it before they reach Saw III, do not let them watch it anymore.

Congratulations, dear viewers.  

You have survived Benz Eye View’s Saw Marathon.  Most people do not appreciate these movies enough due to their belief that they are just a bunch of torture porn movies.  But not you, not anymore.  You finally see what masterpieces they are.  You know the true meaning of my message: to appreciate your life despite in your most dire moments.  Will you join me in spreading that message to everyone else in the wor-


…Excuse me?  

No.  I mean, I like the concept of the Saw movies, but there is no way that they are masterpieces.  No one in their sane mind will ever think these movies are masterpieces.

But…it gained tons of money and several sequels.  

And that automatically makes them good movies?  The Michael Bay Transformers movies gained plenty money and sequels, and they were not good either.

Oh, come on.  You got at least admit the traps were cool.  

I agree many of them were cool, but do you know what is even cooler?  This.


Now, excuse me.  I am going to prepare for a better marathon of a movie coming out this December.  Oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!


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