Benz Eye View: Saw 3D/Saw VII

Saw 3D/Saw VII

Since this is the last movie of the series until Jigsaw, spoilers ahead and a huge rant in the last con.  Skip to the overall section if you do not want to be spoiled.  


1.) I can tell that certain production areas have improved since the last movie.  Even though it takes a whole new level of suspension of disbelief, the traps have upgraded to a new level of bloody imagination.  It is creative, disgusting, bloody, and it makes you question how did Jigsaw manage to get all of this stuff without getting caught (probably Lionsgate themselves), but I digress.  This will satisfy the torture-porn fans if you are into that stuff.

2.) One area that has bothered me in the series that I only pointed out in Saw III was the visual filters.  When the scenes take place in the trap areas, the visuals seem to have a somewhat green or brown filter to slightly annoying contrasting levels.  This movie (and some scenes from earlier movies) have little to none of those filters (other than flashbacks).  They presented the scenes as clear as possible, so it is more relaxing in the eyes, and only used those filters if it is necessary.

3.) I enjoy that Jill’s attempt to murder Hoffman in the last movie failed spectacularly, and Hoffman wants to kill her.  A good ole cat and mouse chase throughout the movie as Jill hides from Hoffman due to her failed attempt to carry out her ex-husband’s wishes.  This makes Hoffman decide to screw Jigsaw’s philosophy, and kill Jill himself and anyone that stands in his way…



1.) …Unfortunately, the movie spends more time with two different main characters, Bobby Dagen, a con-artist who claims that he survived Jigsaw’s game until he actually participates in one, and Matt Gibson, a detective who is protecting Jill Tuck and investigating Hoffman.  Both of these characters are bland and dull, especially with their dry performances.  None of these two characters give any characteristics that make them stand out nor are they compelling.  They are both given their own plot of the movie, and to put it simply, they both failed.  Bobby has to save his workers and his wife’s lives, but fails.  Gibson tries to find where Hoffman is and attempts to protect Jill, but he gets killed along with Jill.  They both suck.  They are not as bad as Officer Rigg in Saw IV since the characters are not complete morons, but they are still flat characters that are not worth noticing.

2.) The typical things wrong with the Saw movies like plot holes, idiotic characters, huge leaps of suspensions of disbelief, excuses to have Tobin Bell to be in the movie, you get the idea.  Saying the same things over and over again does annoy both of us, doesn’t it?  However, there is one thing that does need to be mentioned…

3.) …The ultimate twist in this movie and the entire series (until Jigsaw) is that Dr. James Gordon from the first Saw is the true Jigsaw that will fulfill John Kramer’s legacy after his death.  Two things wrong with that.  First, the movie’s intro shows Dr. Gordon crawling away to get help after leaving the bathroom, and they showed him again in Bobby’s Jigsaw survival meeting, so the twist is ruined especially when he was acting suspiciously.  Second, this does not make sense.  Why would Dr. Gordon suddenly take Jigsaw’s side after all this time?  There were hints that he was around throughout the entire series after the first Saw, but they never really answer so many questions that will pop in so many people’s heads.  Isn’t Gordon worried about his wife and daughter?  Why did he leave Adam to die despite crawling away to get help?  How did Jigsaw convince Gordon to take his side?  Why?  Why?!  WHY?!  There are so many questions that do not get answered, and I hope it does in Jigsaw, otherwise I am going to lose my already insane mind!



Saw VII or Saw 3D was released on October 29, 2010, and it was intended to be the final chapter of the series (until Jigsaw).  For the supposed final chapter of the series, it leaves more questions than answers.  While the movie does have good production areas, the writing is absolutely flawed, and that says plenty about the series.  It feels like they just wanted to get this over with, because the confrontation between Hoffman and Jill takes a backseat with the most forgettable characters in the series so far (which is pushing it when you think about the majority of the other characters in the series).  I am kind of glad that it is over (slightly, because I do admit that the Saw series has a deranged charm to it), but I would not go that far yet.  There is one more Saw movie that is out right now, and I am going to see if this movie overcomes its predecessors.  Time to let that game begin, but for now, Saw VII is not a good way to supposedly end a series.


By the way, the 3D is absolutely pointless.  They are only used in certain traps, but they are not well-utilized, so stick to the regular 2D instead.


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