Benz Eye View: Suburbicon



1.) I am already a sucker when it comes to the setting and costume designs of the movie’s timeline (1940s-1960s), and it is no exception here.  I think it is obvious from the trailers alone that the filmmakers did a good job recreating the look and feel of 1940s suburban America from its clean streets to colorful houses.

2.) At first, the main characters do not seem to be that compelling.  However, over time, the movie makes you realize that they are more deranged than you realize.  Even more deranged than the antagonists.  Talking about it will spoil it since not even the trailers really hinted that, but it is a nice change of tone if not slightly abrupt.

3.) The best actor in this movie is Oscar Isaac as Bud Cooper.  Even though his role is small, he makes the most of it in his acting, because he already screams charm, comedy, and intuitiveness in his character.  He brings plenty of life in this movie…



1.) …Which is really sad compared to the main actors like Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, because their performances are so underwhelming, it is both insulting and sleep-inducing at times.  I expected better from these actors, and none of them did not really give out any stand-out performances.

2.) Another insulting thing in the movie is how long it takes for the plot to start.  Just after Nicky’s mother died, the movie takes I believe thirty minutes to show how Nicky and his family are reacting after her death.  It goes on for too long, and I was getting sick of so many scenes of friends and family approaching Nicky, his dad, and his aunt to say how sorry they are for their loss.  We get it.  Please, move on from those scenes, and continue the plot.  Even when they finally did move, and when Nicky realizes that something fishy is happening, he barely takes any action, and it is not enough to fill in a dry plot.

3.) There is a sub-plot involving a black family moving in Suburbicon, and many white people do not like that.  The problem with that racism sub-plot is that it barely takes any time within the movie, and the main characters barely interact with the black family.  There are only a couple times that this sub-plot slightly interacts with the main one, but I can easily write away the racism sub-plot, and replace it with some other event.  This is completely unnecessary, and it is pointlessly cluttered with the main plot.



This is just disappointing, especially since this movie was written by the Coen brothers, though George Clooney (who also directed this) and Grant Heslov have written alongside the brothers, so maybe this is more their fault.  The movie seemed promising in the opening moments, but it went slightly downhill after that with a few rises and falls.  Clearly not one of their best work, especially if you are a Coen brothers fan.  I do not want to assume too much on what their thought process was since I do not know what happened behind the scenes, but the movie we have now is not really what they sold in the trailers.  Not really worth watching in Halloween, so skip something else that is scary in a horrific way, not in a terrible way.



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