Benz Eye View: Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok


1.) One thing that the Thor movies did well is the relationship between Thor and Loki that has progressed through each installment.  While it is also strong in this film, Thor has interesting relationships and character development with two other characters: Valkyrie and Hulk/Bruce Banner.  If you have not been keeping up with the Thor movies (or the MCU films in general), Thor’s relationship with Loki is quite complicated, and it shows in more depth in this film.  With Valkyrie, there is an admiration and trust between these two that has better chemistry between Thor and Jane Foster (in fact, I prefer Thor to be in a relationship with Valkyrie than Jane Foster).  Finally, Thor and Hulk/Bruce Banner has a bit of a friendly rivalry, and it is nice to see a couple of fellow Avengers on-screen.  I love these character interactions since they are the best parts, and it is shown throughout the entire film.

2.) The costumes and set designs are creative and colorful.  They will appeal to anyone (especially the children) who are fans of cool-looking armor and landscapes.  The film has costumes and sets that may be inspired from Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings; two great trilogies that anyone should look up to if they are trying to think of any ideas for fantasy-like movies.

These costumes look like a fantasy version of the Stormtroopers.

3.) This film is clearly inspired by the 80s, particularly it takes place in Sakaar.  The tone, the music, the colorful costumes and sets, and the inhabitants of Sakaar look like they just escaped a cheesy 80s movie.  Even the trailers themselves look like they belong in a late 70s/early 80s era.

It is debatable if Thor: Ragnarok does a better job having an 80s tone than any of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, but it will give some people nostalgia after they watch this film.



1.) There are so many obvious green screen effects in the background.  It is not the same as the CG characters and effects (which are pretty good), but when there are shots of actors in front of a “set,” anyone can tell that they are in front of a green screen.  It is just as bad as the green screen effects as the Star Wars prequels except slightly worse.

2.) Before I get to this con, I want to say that I love the main antagonist, Hela played by Cate Blanchett.  She is intimidating, scary, powerful, and calm; she reminds me so much of Maleficent.  How Cate Blanchett played the character is just amazing to me.  I just wish we get to see her more often, because right after Thor ends up in Sakaar, she barely gets enough screen time until the third act.  The other antagonist, the Grandmaster is good, but I prefer Hela over Grandmaster any day.  She would have stolen this film if she had more screen time.

3.) There are plenty of jokes in this film.  While they are funny, I feel like a few of them interfere with the film too much.  Meaning, I felt those jokes unnecessarily halted the film a bit.  These jokes need to flow with the progression of the plot, otherwise the film spends more time with the jokes and less time with its story and characters.  Fortunately, it does not spend too much time with those jokes, but it could have been as bad as Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.



When it comes to the Thor movies, they are arguably the weakest compared to the Captain America and Iron Man films in the MCU.  The first Thor had potential, but had several flaws when it comes to pacing and character progression, and it also seemed that they were slightly obligated to make the movie.  Thor: The Dark World was better, but it is mostly thanks to the chemistry between Thor and Loki.  Does the next installment improve over its predecessor?  Yes, but only its predecessor, not the MCU in general.  This film has improved so much from its writing to its characters.  To be honest, it is still not as good as the films with the Invincible Iron Man or the Great Captain America, but it does well to be a great film with the Mighty Thor.  Another good addition to the MCU.  Just one more to go, then we will have Avengers: Infinity War.


Until then, we have another comic book crossover film that is coming in a couple of weeks.  Let’s just hope it is as good if not better than its previous installment.

I am hoping for the best for you, DCEU.

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