Benz Eye View: Coco



1.) This is Pixar.  What do you think the animation is going to be like?  Of course it is fantastic.  I would give you a detailed explanation, but by the trailers alone, you can see how great the animation is.  Colorful, bright, and beautiful are the words that easily describe Pixar animation, and this film is no different.

2.) The world inside the film is very compelling (especially since it is based off of Mexican culture, particularly Día de los Muertos).  A spiritual realm called the Land of the Dead that the dead arrive from to visit the living realm as long as the living remembers them; that by itself as already an interesting idea.  The Land of the Dead itself has so many things that is not only great to look at, but also some worldbuilding aspects are interesting as well.  There are many things to look at as well as learn, and the creators did a fine job constructing the world of this film.

3.) The writing and storytelling is impressive.  While there are a few things I found slightly predictable (I will get to that in the cons), some of the twists make the story more intriguing and compelling.  Not to mention how the main plot (which I initially did not like) was resolved I really found to be heartwarming.  Also, many of these characters have their own plot, and I do like they are resolved by the end of the film.  All of the plot and sub-plots work coherently in the film and fit together with its themes: family and dreams.



1.) As compelling as this film’s world, there are some questions that did pop up in my head as I was watching.  A few examples: if the Land of the Dead is a spiritual realm for the dead, why is there technology in it?  If the dead can only stay “alive” if the people in the living realm remembers them, what would happen if something terrible happened to the living (say an earthquake)?  Does that mean the dead will eventually be screwed over?  If this how the connection between the living and the dead work in Mexican culture, how does it work in other cultures like say Chinese culture?  I know some of these are not really significant and necessary, but I cannot help think of these when it comes to the world-building elements of films like these.

2.) Admittedly, this film has a slightly formulaic plot especially at the initial parts of the film.  There is a young boy who has a dream of being something other than what their family wants him to be, but he decides to pursue it anyway.  When the family finds out, he runs away, and encounters another world that can help him succeed at his dream.  It does sound formulaic, but I will give the films some credit that they did some things that are different so it does not end up being completely predictable.



Pixar is at it again with an installment in the film line-up.  Nothing seems to be breaking their long-running films that deserves the high praise.

…Never mind.  

Despite that mess-up (and a few recent decent movies), Pixar still goes strong with many of their films.  Does their new installment join with other great classics like Toy Story and Inside Out?  Of course it does, señor/señorita.  This film not only looks great, but is also written well for the whole family.  Even though some of their recent movies do not go in the same level of greatness as some of their other films, Coco makes it all up for everyone to enjoy.  If you love Pixar or enjoy a family-friendly animated film, this film is not only something you will enjoy, but also something that will make you appreciate tu familia.


As for the short: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, it just reminds me how much I love the original film, and this short is just as great.  However, it is admittedly too long, and people coming in slightly late might make the mistake of going into the wrong film.


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