Benz Eye View: Daddy’s Home 2

Daddy’s Home 2


1.) Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and many of the other actors do have some chemistry.  It helps buy the family dynamic that this movie is showing off, and it seems like the actors were having some fun during the filming process.

2.) Some (or rather few) of my favorite jokes in the movie involve some of the characters making a child-friendly version of dirty jokes that the other characters have said.  Though I wish they could have delivered it better, those jokes have some cleverness to them about how some people have their preferred tastes in jokes (i.e. Animaniacs vs. South Park).

3.) I like the concept as much as I like the previous movie’s concept.  Brad and Dusty’s dads come for Christmas, and they both have their own ways of treating their family: Brad’s dad is sweet and nice to a very annoying point, and Dusty’s dad is hard-boiled and tough with little emotion to anyone.  That is a plot that definitely calls for comedy and conflict…



1.) …Unfortunately, the execution is just…awful.  For one thing, this plot goes on for way too long.  It would not be bad if the characters were not so annoying (I will get to that in a moment).  This is an hour and forty-minute movie, and I swear it feels like it is longer with so many pointless things that they try to do in order to pad it out.

2.) Even though I said earlier that I did enjoy few of the jokes in the movie, the rest range from decent to not funny to not making any sense at all.  You have the usual jokes that only children will love, jokes that does not really have any punch to it, and jokes that they build up throughout the movie with the payoff making no sense.  One example of a joke with lack of payoff is that Brad’s stepson, Dylan has a crush on what the movie apparently shows to be an Asian girl, but he does not have the courage to go out with her.  By the end of the movie, how that joke ends up does not make any sense.  At least the joke with Dylan in the last movie had some sense as oppose to this one.  They really need to hire better comedy writers in this movie…

3.) …Or rather they need to hire better writers in general, because there are so many subplots with so many characters that I could not care any less.  Not only are some of those character really annoying, the ones I did care for became irritating over time.  After watching this movie, it brought back memories on why I hated these characters in the previous movie.



A sequel to Daddy’s Home?  Really?  Did anyone really want a sequel to that movie?  I know it did well in the box office, but another sequel?  Other than the two leads, I do not see any reason to watch another one of these movies, but fine.  I will see it, and judge for myself if it is at least better than the first one.


Well…it is slightly better than the first one (as far as I can remember), but it is still not good.  Will Ferrell and Mark Walhberg work well together, but that does not mean that they are part of a comedic masterpiece.  For the people who loved the first one (for some reason), they may like this one as well, but if you are looking for a good Christmas comedy, the first two Home Alone films are my recommendations.  Otherwise, spend your Christmas with your family and friends, and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year…in a few weeks.



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