Benz Eye View: The Disaster Artist


The Disaster Artist


1.) I believe that this is the first film that the Franco brothers are finally in, and they work so well together.  These two work so well together that you would never think of these two as brothers, but as different people with wildly different personalities.  When those personalities clash, these actors can show off their skills like they did in any of their films, except to the best of their abilities.  I am surprised that they are not in any films together until this one, because they would make a great acting duo.

2.) The film likes to make fun of the creation of The Room and certain aspects about Tommy Wiseau, but it respects them at the same time.  It shows how much he wants to achieve his dream in creating his film, and how far he can go to get that dream to the point where they even question how he got the money for it, which he does not answer (in fact, he does not answer many things about himself like where he actually comes from).  He may not be really good at it, but he is one of those people where you admire that determination even he does not know how to pull it off.  This will probably inspire people who want to get involved into filmmaking or any other subjects (just do not pull it off like he did unless if it is on purpose).

3.) I like how they use the cinematography to make the film look like a documentary.  It makes the film look like the behind-the-scenes footage of the making of The Room.  It becomes more interesting as a result, and any fans of the movie will enjoy how it is delivered that way.  In fact, the film starts with interviews from a few acting and directing celebrities talking about The Room, reinforcing the documentary-feel of the film.




1.) There are a few scenes in the film I found to be questionable.  I will save you from the spoilers since I want you to figure it out yourself (especially fans of The Room), but since this is based on a true story, I found a few scenes kind of hard to believe.  It feels like some typical Hollywood or writing scenes to keep the film interesting, which it is fine, but it seems to stand out over the realism that the film was delivering.  I cannot be sure if those scenes are real or not, but it does not seem like it to me.

2.) The events in-between the meeting between Tommy and Greg, and the creation of The Room is not really interesting.  I do like how the two characters interact with each other, and it is necessary on to know certain parts of their lives, but it did slow down the film a bit.  I am more interested on how they created the movie than their daily lives, and it fortunately does lead to that pretty quickly, but unless if you are that interested in Tommy and Greg’s lives, the film will temporarily slow down for you.



The Room.  For those who have never heard of this movie, it is about…something involving a “man” named Johnny (played by Tommy Wiseau) wanting to take care of his fiancé (or in the movie’s case, his future wife since he says that instead of fiancé) named Lisa, but she cheats on him with Johnny’s best friend named Mark (played by Greg Sestero)…and several plot points that is mentioned or shown that is never brought up again happened.  That movie is considered to be one of the best worst movies ever made.  I first heard of it via a review by the Nostalgia Critic (which is one of his best episodes).  Years later, I finally had the chance to watch and judge it myself…and it is SO bad.  I would give that movie a 1/10, but it is one of those movies you have to see to believe in order to understand how enjoyably bad it is.


Bet you want to watch it now, huh?


Now, there is a film about the creation of The Room as well as the relationship between Tommy Wiseau (the director, the producer, the writer, and the star of the movie) and Greg Sestero (one of the other stars of the movie).  Took me a while to get to it, but I finally watched it…and I love it.  It is not necessary for you to watch The Room to enjoy this film, but I do recommend watching it to get some of the full impact of events during this film.  For casual viewers, you cannot help but admire a man who wants to achieve his dream despite his lack of knowledge.  For fans, it is a worthy tribute to a man who has created the best worst movie ever made.



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