Benz Eye View: Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour


1.) You know you are seeing a fantastic actor if they can play a character so well that the audience does not see the actor, but the character instead.  While every actor in this film deserves praise, the stand-out performance is definitely Gary Oldman as Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  He plays the character as much as Daniel Day-Lewis plays Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln.  I would not be surprised if he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor (although there is a possibility that he might not considering the state of the Academy Awards these days).

2.) This film has some incredible writing at work here.  I like how Winston Churchill is not really beloved by many due to his personality and hard-will attitude to the point that many believe he is a bully, because he wants to take down Hitler, but others want to appease him to avoid the destruction of the United Kingdom.  He becomes one of the greatest leaders of our time, but even he has flaws that he needs to overcome.  Despite the situation being hopeless, he does not give up despite protests from some of his own comrades.  Great motivations for both the protagonist and the antagonists, well-written story as a whole, and an amazing conflict for the protagonist to go through.  I am not sure if every single event is true or not, but it is still a great film nonetheless.

3.) I also like to give credit to the amazing production of this film.  The makeup for Gary Oldman makes him look like the actual Winston Churchill (unless he actually made himself fat to get the role), the lighting makes interesting symbolic images that relate to the conflict at hand, the costume and set designs complement each other while fitting in the 1940 timeline in the United Kingdom, and so much more.  They certainly want to perfect the production in this film, and they succeeded.



1.) This is a dialogue-heavy film, so if you expect some action, do not expect much since there is very little of it.  In fact, many of the events that they talk about are only mentioned in dialogue and never shown.  Its main focus is on Winston Churchill, so that is understandable, but it is a fair warning for those who are curious on what this film is and what it contains.



Not to be confused with another movie in 2011 with a similar title called The Darkest Hour, Darkest Hour is based on a true story about Winston Churchill’s first days as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and his journey in convincing Parliament to continue fighting against Hitler despite the odds.  I would like to say that this is a great start for 2018 films in the US in January (though it was released earlier in a few areas), because this is one of the best films I have ever seen.  I can find very little flaws in this film (unless if someone tells me that there are numerous areas in the film that are actually not true to the actual events).  Great acting (especially from Gary Oldman), fantastic writing, amazing production value, and so many more that I possibly did not notice.  If you want an uplifting film about not surrendering despite many others wanting to, this is a film that is perfect for you.


It also helps if you consider this a prequel to Dunkirk, making the film experience so much better.


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