Benz Eye View: The Commuter

The Commuter


1.) While there are not that many, there is one action sequence I found to be pretty cool.  It is all done in one shot, fought in closed spaces (although the visuals look kind of hazy as a result, especially with the CG and green screen), and sound effects make each blow painful.  It is easily the one action scene that stands out over the rest in this movie.

2.) I like the concept of the movie: an action thriller taking place in a train, and one person has to find someone that does not belong in the train, or his family suffers.  I like the idea, although it does sound awfully familiar to another Liam Neeson movie.

And it is directed by the same man, too.  

Good idea, but the execution on the other hand…I will get to that in the cons.

3.) The third act I found to be the most exciting out of the rest of the movie.  There are some thrills, a couple of cool (if a little bit over-the-top) action scenes, some of the mystery gets slightly interesting, and some good payoffs for a few of the side characters…



1.) …The reason I said that the third act is exciting is because the rest of the movie is dull.  The movie is so grounded in reality that it makes it boring.  The writing does not really help since the characters are not really that compelling nor interesting even if the actors did a decent job, and many scenes pretty much consist of the following: finding the person who may be what they be looking for, accuse a passenger, get it wrong, rinse and repeat until the third act.  Not exactly the greatest screenplay in the world, but at least it is not the worst.

2.) Even the mystery itself gets boring.  At first, it seemed to have an interesting start, but as soon as it gets to the status quo from what I mentioned in the previous con, I barely started to care for it.  Combined with an uninteresting main character and barely a sense of urgency despite trying that a few times, and this mystery thriller lacks any thrills so to speak.

3.) Apparently, there is an integral side story that is very briefly mentioned/shown in the movie that if you miss it, you will end up getting confused by the third act.  I did slightly remember seeing when I watched it, but I was loss for a while when they brought it up again by the time the third act started.  It would probably help if this important plot point gets brought up once in a while throughout the movie, otherwise some audience members will be confused on what is happening.



Have you seen any latest movies starring Liam Neeson recently?  Have you seen Non-Stop or Run All Night?  Then you are not missing much if you are going to watch this movie.  In fact, I describe this movie to be Non-Stop except it is on a train.  There is nothing really special about this movie if you have seen any of Liam Neeson’s movies before.  It is dull, boring, and repetitive with few things holding on its own.  If you really do not have anything to watch in the theaters, maybe this movie will do for you, but I suggest you lower those expectations, and wait for the few good scenes that await in the movie.  Otherwise, it will be a long train ride for you.



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