Benz Eye View in Stardust Update

Hey, everyone!

A small update with my Stardust profile.  I screwed up with my login, and I can no longer reach my original profile BenzEyeView.  As a result, I am making a new profile under the name BenzEyeView2.  I apologize if I have not updated my reactions in the old profile, it is now currently in the new one.

Once again, I am no longer under the profile BenzEyeView.

I am now under the new profile BenzEyeView2.

Once again, I apologize for the confusion, and I hope you have a great day.

– Benz Eye View


Benz Eye View is in Stardust: Movie and TV Reactions

Hey, everyone!

First off, thank you for reading my reviews for the past three years in WordPress.  There are some reviews that I am proud of, and there are reviews that I clearly need some work.  However, I like to announce that I am going to slightly expand my reviews, or rather, I am going to do something a little new.  I am going to be in a social networking app known as Stardust: Movie and TV Reactions.

Stardust: Movie and TV Reactions

For those who do not know, it is an app for the iPhone and Android that allows people to give a three to thirty second reaction of a movie or TV series they recently saw, and post it in the app for everyone to see.  I have just started this at the beginning of January, and I already posted my reaction videos of the movies I saw in 2018.

The videos I post in Stardust will sum up how I feel about the movies I watched, and the more detailed explanation will be in this blog.  Maybe it will eventually lead me into actually making video reviews, but until then, this will do.  If you are looking for me in Stardust, I am under Benz Eye View.  I hope you enjoy it as much I am.  Let me know if you enjoy it as well or there are things I need to improve on.  Until then, have a nice day everyone!

– Benz Eye View

Welcome to Benz Eye View!

Hi, and welcome to Benz Eye View.  This is a blog about movie reviews (and maybe television and video games) that follows a certain criteria: there are going three pros and cons, an overall thought, and the final score of the film.  I first started doing movie reviews back in 2013 at Facebook.  Only my friends and family saw my film reviews, but I finally expanded into this blog, and I hope you enjoy what I put in here.  Keep in mind, these reviews are my opinions, and I do have college education on film, so I know what I am going to talk about in these reviews.  I usually post reviews every weekend.  With that in mind, enjoy my film review blog: Benz Eye View.